Camping out of a Romany?

It looks like it’s feasible for a Romany to handle a couple days of gear/provisions. Assuming dehydrated meals, strategic packing and just essentials for kit, is there enough space to hold 5 or 6 days worth? Don’t have one near me so it’s hard to visualize.


I have a buddy who has done a lot of longer term camping out of his Romany. I’ll mention this tread to him so that he can comment.

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Hi; Jon at 3 meter swell mentioned you might want information on touring with a Romany. I have paddled self supported for as long as 14 days in my Romany Classic.


I do a couple of nights out of a 14’ boat. Romany, being 2+ feet longer, should have more space.

If you are packed and properly prepared for conditions for 1 or two days. The only difference between that and 4 or 5 or 6 or 10 days is the food and stove fuel.

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Situations, conditions, and level of comfort determine what you can do. Backpackers go days with just what’s on their back.

Get the things you think you need and pack the boat at home. See if it fits. Then delete some things. Packing the deck high and between your legs has/is negative.

For example…
See the discussions on axe or saw. Also note that hikers on the applachean (sp) trail delete a lot of extra gear they don’t need after a day or so. Kayaker beginners are the same way.


It’s helpful to compare hatch volume to a backpack since backpackers are so attuned to efficient use of space. Assuming MEDIUM volume and weight of the 3 essentials (tent, mattress, sleeping bag), rather than ultralight, a stove, and some fresh food, here’s what a backpacker would expect:

45L: OK for one night
55L: Definitely doable for 3 days
65L: Easy packing, room for some nonessentials for 3 days
75L: Overkill for 3 days; good for 4-7 days (?)

The Romany Classic has 99 litres in the front and rear hatches combined. For a backpacker that would be luxurious! So it’s definitely doable . . . but small as far as kayaks go. My previous kayak had 127 L and I found it hard to pack (in part because it also had a low deck). My current kayak holds 140 L. In that amount of space I can carry a 2P or 3P tent; Helinox cot, chair, and table; Exped mattress; all fresh food; and pretty much whatever else I want. Makes for a luxurious camp. But 99 L is definitely possible. If you’re into ultralight gear and freeze-dried food, even better.