camping/paddling in Maryland

I’m going to Bowie, MD for a few days to visit relatives on July 24. After the visit, I’m wondering if there is a place not too far ( going back to CT) that I could camp/paddle from one location. I have a kayak (WS T165), and canoe (Wenonah Vagabond), so, I’m open to suggestions.



I sure would like to help you, but I have no clue where “Bowie” is. We’ve got some MD folks here (east & west shore) who should be along shortly. If you can’t find places to paddle in MD, you might as well sell your boat.

Route 4 Hills Bridge just south Rt 301
Depending on your skills, time etc. The Bowie Bay Socks Baseball is one option, but for great paddling you’ll be visiting a paddling “rich” environment. Go south on Route 301 look for signs for Route 4 South. Take that exit and go south to the bottom of the first hill or about 1.5 miles. You’ll see parking on both the South and North bound lanes of Route 4. NOrth BOund offers safer parking and a launch point. Wayson Point I believe is the name of that area. The water is the northern neck of the Patuxent River.

Paddle north or south with Kayak or canoe. North bound is rich with bird activity, water shaded by trees offering cooler temps. South bound more bird and fishing activity. State Park there (Jugg Park?).

Or head further south on Route 4 to the lower Patuxent River where one can launch from Solomons Island. There one has the opportunity to paddle south out into the Chesapeake Bay or north on the Patuxent River.

Good Luck, Mark

chesapeake paddlers
An active club in the area. Web site has many launch sites. Camping is tough in the area because so much is developed. Patuxant River park has a canoe/kayak tent site that is rarely used. There is contact info links on the CPA web site. DNR also has some unadvertised LNT sites farther south on the Patuxant. You may find DNR phone numbers on CPA’s page or on the link to Patuxant River Park. They are supposed to be opening up the Bowie area of the Patuxant this summer, has a lot of downed trees so it has been a tough area to paddle. Closest easiest acess will be the Rt 4 bridge (Hill’s Bridge) in Waysons Corner which is the first exit on route 4 east if you take 301 south out of Bowie. If you stay on 301 a few more miles to Croom road then you can follow the signs to the Patuxant river park headquarters. Another option would be to camp at Point Lookout State Park and paddle where the potomic meets the bay. They have some water front camp sites. Email me if you need more info.