Camping/paddling Kentucky?

Anyone with personal favorites and/or good knowledge of paddling, camping (maybe hoteling:) in Kentucky?


To rent a yak from a livery

FYI weekend end trip, would be coming from Ohio


Beginnerish, quiet, nature viewing type water

Would considering camping if there

are quieter places.

Not a good knowledge LOL but
I paddled the Green River a day and I do know that overnighters are done.

Here is who we used and they were reliable and professional. They are right outide Mammoth Caves National Park

Park map:

Lived in Lexington long ago.
So can’t help you on rentals.

The Kentucky River south, SE, and SW of Lexington is cut down deep into the limestone. We used to paddle up and down the KY river, where we could see the cliffs, the occasional waterfall, and maybe see a raptor or two riding thermals. The river is stilled by occasional navigation dams, some already defunct even in the 70s. But they do hold the water so that one can paddle up and down without much difficulty except in times of flood. There are occasional powerboats, but we never found them a problem.

When you are on the water, there are occasional downcut little canyons from streams reaching the river. With good shoes and a little care, these are worth exploring.

One entry point is Boonesborough State Park, just east of I-75. I think you can camp there, and there may be lodgings for pay.

Another mild KY river with much to offer is the Green River, which flows past Mammoth Cave NP.

Our “Kentucky Birds” recommends Carter Caves State Resort Park, saying one can float a canoe down Tygart Creek and see lots of birdlife. Contact them about availability of kayaks.

Licking River
There use to be a canoe livery around Falmouth,KY along the Licking River which wouldn’t be to for of a drive for you, about 30-45min south of Cincinnati.

The Palisades on the Kentucky River
The Limestone cliffs that you refer too are called the “Palisades” and they are Grand to look up at from the river–

try,they are on the elkhorn creek and rent canoes and kayaks. it’s a nice place to paddle and nice people also.

Also, check out They provide guided day tours and overnights.