Camping Saw Recommendation

I’m looking for a good colapsuble camping saw to take with me on my canoe/camping trips. Any recommendations?

Fiskers folding saw
I buy the 10" folding saws at the Home Cheapot for around $15. The blade folds into the wood handle, and they cut really well. I use them in the yard too!! They sell larger or smaller ones also.

I picked up a Sven Saw at Campmor. I’ve been using one since I Was in boy scouts 20 years ago. They’re great.

For canoe camping a collapseable ,
… doesn’t add much, IMO. A full-sized $12 bow-saw lays flat in the bottom taking up almost no room. Just make sure you hang onto the blade guard thing that it comes with.

Why a folder?
Corona Clipper 21" Razor Tooth Saws are a sight better, and they have no limitations on the thickness of the timber they are used to cut (Beyond your arm strength). They have a Raker type tooth pattern and they cut amazingly well.

Trail Blazer
I have used this saw for a very long time now. Cut alot of wood with it, and has never let me down. Light weight, and takes up no room when packed.

I love Fiskars lifetime guarantee
on their hedge clippers.

Four years ago, I bought a pair at Lowes for pruning my Christmas trees, (several hundred).

Last year one of the shock absorbers broke. I brought it into Lowes with no receipt and they gave me a new pair.

Kind of like the Craftsman Tools at Sears.



Go To Walmart
You can get the same saw as at Homedepot only cheaper. The names are different but the saws are identical.

Cheap bow saws bind easily and can be frustrating. Saws are designed to cut when pulled. Pruning saws work best when you pull downward into the cut.

I’ve gone as far as removing the
blade and taping it to the inside of the hull with blue tape. A 5-minute make-do cardboard/duct tape scabbard has been on mine for a couple years now. I like the 24" bow saw option, as well. Replacement blade costs $4 at any hardware store.

Not all saws are designed to cut on the

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pull stroke. Western or English pattern saws almost always cut on the push.

A sharp, non-rusty, properly tensioned bow saw won't bind and cuts in both directions.

Sven Saw
Bought a Sven Saw this past spring and have been happy with it, though admittedly it’s had fairly light duty so far. There are two different sizes, the one with the longer blade allows you to cut through larger diameter pieces (obviously). Look at the design and you can see that once you get so far through the wood you might not be able to make it the rest of the way as the peak of the saw will bottom out if the wood is too wide.

I bought mine mainly for backpacking and went with the smaller one to save size/weight. So far it’s handled every piece I’ve asked it to cut. The size/length is perfect, I just roll it up in the my sleeping pad and never even know it’s there.


I have had a Sawvivor for years. Works great, lightweight, easy to set up. Google search will take you there.

Trail Blazer type too
We used it for four years on portage clearing…and it cut about 75 big logs a day ( about 12-15 in dia).

Only downside is that you had to keep tightening it. And assembly was something best done on a flat surface. We lost the clip that keeps everything together pretty fast

Sawvivor advantage
over Sven and Trailblazer (made by same company as the Sawvivir) is that there are no small parts to drop or lose. Well, sure, you could loose the blade, but it is not “small”.

And Sawvivor makes a larger model that looks tasty.


I’ve Used Both The Sven And Sawvivor
The Sawvivor is by far the superior saw. There’s one hanging in my shed right now. I also own crosscuts saws as well as axes. The problem with bow saws they need rakers to clear the cuts. That means 12" of stroke is needed for a 6" diameter log. A pruning saw used right won’t bind. Another advantage is pruning saws don’t need the room and bow saw requires. With a pruning saw you can clear brush even. Don’t even think about doing that with a bow saw.

As far as cutting through 12"-15" logs go, learn to use an axe. I can cut through logs that size quicker with an axe than I can with my crosscut.

Bow Knows
My friend made me a really nice 30" oak frame bow saw. All the pieces come apart for transportation. Has a string “wind up” tensioner and cuts wood like a charm. Weighs around 2 lbs and really looks nice.



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my Sven saw.

many good saws
If you can’t easily obtain extra blades for your saw do not buy that brand! If the store doesn’t have the extra blades hanging next to the saws, go elsewhere.

Professional pruning catalogs offer high end saws. Cabellas, Gander Mtn, etc. Garden stores, hardware stores etc have good cheap saws.


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I also like a folding pruning saw for use on the river cutting strainers or portage trails since the trailblazer takes a moment to assemble and both hands. A good pruning saw is really handy on some bushy streams.

Rethink the saw.
I’ve been camping for almost 40 years, and never found a need for a saw. There’s always wood to be had for a fire if you just look. Most places don’t want you cutting dead branches from trees, and why not just burn your wood in half on the fire. Let the fire do the work. My camping fires are kept small for cooking mostly. National Park Service recommends wood no thicker than your wrist. Let the fire do the cutting. Saws are too much work anyway. Enjoy your time by the fire. relax…Most camp saws are crap anyway. Just another gimick to put on the camping sales shelf.