Camping Tybee Island area

I am thinking of driving down to the Tybee Island area in a week or so for some kayaking and warm weather. Mostly the warm weather. I am looking for a local campground to stay at. I found a website for Rivers End Camp round but it has a message that says their tent sites are closed for upgrades. Any suggestions? Thanks

Tybee ?

There’s a state park with camping
somewhat inland from Tybee. It has water access, or you could drive back out to Tybee access.

there are
several SC beach state parks worth looking at.

Why not…

Yes on SC
Check out Edisto Beach State Park or Hunting Island State Park. Both are on the southern coast of SC so the air/water temps will be virtually same as Tybee but considered better paddling/scenery and campground accomodations.

other needs for trip?

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In addition to paddling, anything else you would like to do? Edisto is beautiful beach area with nothing over 2 story on island. Is about an hour's drive to Charleston for its historical charms. Hunting Island is nice too and about 20 minutes from Beaufort. Much smaller than C-ton, but very nice too. Tybee is about 30 minutes drive from Savannah.

Edit to add good local kayak shops. Tybee is Sea Kayak GA. Savannah Canoe and Kayak. Charleston is Sea Kayak Carolina.

you could camp on Little Tybee for free. Big island, lots of paddling options, completely uninhabited. video from Little Tybee

SC is a better bet…
…both Edisto and Hunting Island are nice campgrounds, each adjacent to the beach. You can get more info at BTW - it’s not warm here yet !


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inside marsh paddling is prob best done following a frost. SC/Ga biting insects are fierce. A good weather period following a cold snap using tides for up and down during a full best.

The immediate outsides of Tybee are sprayed in early fall. I did not notice spraying at SC but no experience in deep marsh.

Tybee's big attraction is a sand bar

31.978545, -80.848138

Sea Kayak Georgia has a seminar when tide action is best over this bar.

I went to the seminar staying at River’s End. After refusing prostitution there I was kept awake with a sonic gun above hearing at 130db+. When I asked the police for assistance, the dept tried to confiscate my van.

I was forced to leave early from exhaustion from interrupted sleep.

A parking space was left for me at Sea Kayak Georgia for the oyster roast. I walked away then immediately walked back finding the van door pried partially open.

People in Wilmington are friendly.

I was in the area for the seminar, kayaking, bird and dolphin communications research. SC is a bird state, I am a leading researcher on the boat tail grackle of SC’s State Park islands but interference there led to aborting the touri$t birding project. I asked the ranger on this, he said to paraphrase – that’s what you’ll get every time you stop.

I am currently having the same problems with the same people in Florida assuming this topic is related…thus when Tybee is summoned from Google Maps, Tybee is blacked out on screen.

What the ???

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I still say it's too much drugs.

Moving on...

My guess is…
…Gold or silver Krylon.

you enjoy oysters then sign up.

Thanks for the info! I realize it is winter there as well as here in Southeastern Mass but damn! This is friggin arctic up here. I think I am going to make it a game-time decision based on next week’s forecast. It is supposed to get brutally cold here (maybe record setting?) by the weekend, that will probably make SC and GA prohibitively cold as well.

Central Florida
is cool. Florida Bay is warmer with paddling out of Flamingo end of the road in Everglades NP below Miami/Homestead.

Florida Bay is world class kayaking. Read Flamingo to Long Key in ‘wilderness tripping BWCA and beyond’ in these forums.

You would need a hat, sunglasses, headnet and GPS if possible.

Your destinations rate a 3, Florida Bay is an 9.5

This Does Not Compute
When you plan on being in the Savannah are, “Data” on paddling Florida is irrelevant

Thanks For the Info
We’d like to gt back to that area again and would like to take boats this time

planning on
Savannah as a paddling destination is questionable.