Is camping fun ?? A lake called carter lake is a good place.

have you never had the opportunity to go camping? If not I highly recommend you find someone who has camping experience and gear and talk them into introducing you to the experience. If I were closer to you I would volunteer to do so.

I suppose we all have our definition of “fun” but I am 59 years old and have been tent camping since I was 8. I still spend about 80-100 nights per year in a tent and camp in all seasons and all weather. For me being in nature, low impact camping and paddling are almost spiritual experiences and I will hopefully continue these pursuits until I go to the happy “fishing” ground!

So get out there and find out what you are missing!

carter lake
the camping ground is sweet. I have a hard time leaving. we have a colman sundome but the legacy wagon has really good room. I’ll still do kayaking alot more but this would be like a once-a-summer thing. I’ll do kayaking like maybe 4 times a year.

Well good
It sounds like you have had the camping experience. When next I get to Colorado, I’ll check out Carter Lake.

Camping Is Fun
I go camping about once a month in winter and about twice a month in summer. I have been for many years.

I just bought kayaks to have something to do when I am camping

Everything but
the sleeping on the ground part is fun.

At first I thought you were asking about kayak camping–carrying all your gear in the kayak and paddling to a campsite where no cars are allowed.

Your second post sounds like you are asking about car camping. Yes, that is fun, too. It does not require the level of planning that kayak camping does, so it makes a good intro to camping in general.

that legacy…
that legacy is great. It’s got room, hasn’t failed for 11 years, ruged, and stylish.

Is camping fun?
Sure it is! Anyone who hasn’t tried it should do what I did. Buy a small amount of gear and give it a go.

MSR Velo tent

Sierra Designs Meteorlite CD tent

Slumberjack Predator Bivy

(2) Hennessey Hammocks

(2)Thermarest mattresses

(2)North Face synthetic sleeping bags

10 liter dromedary bag

MSR Whisperlight Internationale stove

MSR Simmerlite stove

MSR 19’ Parawing

Littlebug wood/alcohol stove

Sven saw

GSI folding table

(2)3 liter Camelback unbottles

MSR Miniworks water filter

Thermarest chair

I’m not done with the list, just tired of typing…