Does anyone from Camp Manito-Wish, Menogyn or Widjiwagan in Wisconsin and Minnesota frequent this board? Staff, alum or current campers?? Just curious. I have attended Manito-Wish for the past seven summers and would love to make contact with anyone who has been at any of these three camps. Thanks!

Used to Be…
…a guy from Menogyn. Real nice guy, and I believe his name was Aaron. Haven’t seen him arround for a couple years now. WW

Former staff member of Camp Warren here.


Camp Manitowish
When I was 14, some well meaning folks thought it would be a good idea to get me out of town for the summer. I got sent to Camp Manitowish (and that summer, a few of my buddies got sent to reform school). The canoes trips we took all over northern WI instilled in me a love for paddling and tripping which is still alive and being fed 40 years later!

I visit with Manitowish reps at the Canoecopia convention in Madison every spring, but I have not been back there since that summer.

cYa Jim