Campsite info around Tybee/Savannah

I’m planning to take my son camping on one of the beaches around Savannah/Tybee. I don’t live in the area so I’m trying to pick out a spot via maps and secondhand information and could really use info.

Here are some of the deciding factors:

  1. I’m trying to stay out of any questionable open water crossings considering my passenger and our boat (Folbot Greenland II). I’m primarily looking at inland channels and coming up the backside to beaches.
  2. Distance-looking to keep it around 7-12 miles each way.
  3. Good primitive campsite. Preferably on a sandy beach. I’m really hoping to show my son the beauty of this environment through a kayak. So I’m thinking good insider knowledge would be helpful.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


Little Tybee Island
Little Tybee is possible, I haven’t camped there. I’d ask Marsha or Ron at Sea Kayak Georgia. Lyn

Yes, there’s just one exposed inlet to
cross to get to Little Tybee. But you should check to see what camping rules pertain.

We’re old and decrepit, so we’re targeting the state park at Skidaway Island, which has good water access, but quite a ways back from the beach.

Be sure to leave time to visit Fort Polk.

I think I’ll start at the Wilmington river and come around the back side of Little Tybee. I may be able to take some marsh channels along the way. Looks like it will be beach camping, but not sure yet if I’ll need a permit.

Edisto beach camping
Edisto Beach State Park boasts a long undeveloped beach north of the campground with paddling water back there. View with Google Earth.

Backcountry marsh is biting fly country use able casually in cold weather.

Tidal forces would be less at Edisto than Tybee. Tybee marsh was sprayed with bug killer when I was there early fall.