Camry sedan mileage with boats?

4 cylinder sedan. Canoe or canoe and kayak.Any experience?

At 65-70 mph
my 2000 Camry 4 cyl. gets about 30 mpg without any roof ornament - a canoe or kayak seems to cost about 2 mpg. At lower speeds the milage gets a lot better both ways.


With a Screen Name like mine
I guess I am OBLIGATED to post a response!! :slight_smile:

String, I get 27 to 28 mpg pretty much year round. I always have a roof rack on with various cradles or canoe stops on it depending on whether I am kayaking or canoeing. I usually have the boats on just for the day that I am paddling and so it is hard for me to tell what if any mpg difference they make. My guess is that it is negligible. Both Camry’s have had 4 cylinder engines.


PS. I have graduated from having a 1998 Camry with 214K miles and I now have a 1999 Camry with only 39K miles on her. Don’t plan on changing my screen name to “jcamry99”, though.

Racks probably get fitted tomorrow.
10-15 more MPG should result in fast ROI.