Can a kayak be painted?

I bought a kayak recently, an ugly green.

Would like some ideas of how I can change it.

Composite or Poly???

If it’s plastic
Krylon makes a spray paint called “Fusion” that adheres well to thermoplastics. Most people use it to repaint lawn chairs. I did, and it covered well, but after two years is starting to show some wear, not peeling, but worn off in places on the seat. I do not know how abrasion resistant it would be , but a call to the manufacturer might answer that. It comes in a variety of colors.

I suggest using Krylon Fusion to paint
some contrasting flashes on the deck. No point in painting the hull, because normal wear is going to scrape the paint off quickly.

This subject’s come up before
and I have to say, g2d’s got the best idea I’ve heard. If your boat flexes the tiniest little bit, and plastic tends to do that, eventually the paint will begin peeling and chipping off. Keeping that in mind and using a color scheme that uses the green rather than trying to completely cover it, you might be able to come up with something that still looks good as the paint wears.

Leaving off the bottom is also a no-brainer, as sand, rocks, handling, whatever, will not allow that to last very long.


painting a kayak
It is Polylink, which I guess is plastic.

Auto primers
The automobile refinishers have a paint technique for painting plastic car parts. I think it involves special primers and maybe catalized paints. Probably

just the primer would allow you to use other paints of your choice.

Cover it with duct tape and …
name it “The Silver Bullet”

Unless you paint it RED all of the other colors are unattractive.

Paddlin’ on


You know, GK. . . .
They make duct tape in colors now. Even red, I think.


You could find some cute stickers and plaster them over the deck. Or get a really nice deck bag to look at.

You know
an ungly kayak is a secure kayak.

Save money on cables, locks, etc.


Try lots of cigarette burn marks.
Black chicken pox on top of green

plastic, always makes for a winner.

kiss’ faces are painted. if that helps

Rust-O-leum for Plastics
Besides Krylon Fusion, Rust-O-leum also has a line of spray paints specifically for plastics. I recently used some of their gloss white in lieu of gel coat for a repair on my surfksi.

These plastic specific spray paints have Toluene in them that temporarily melts that plastic allowing the paint to chemically bond. Just be careful with additional coats of paint. Follow the directions or the next coat can melt the first coat causing runs and lengthen curing times. Its best to give each coat the 48 hours drying time recomended. They also like application and drying in warmer dryer conditions.

I found I could spray this paint on pretty thick and use it almost like a filler.

I do not think these plastic specific spray paints are effective on HDPE or PP, so not a good idea for rotomolded boats. However, ABS/Acrylic thermoformed boats will accept this paint very well.