Can a person MAKE scupper plugs?

I just got a new NOMAD kayak for Christmas. I am 6’4" and 225 lbs. I live in the Pacific NW and want to try it out. I can borrow a paddle, but the boat has 6 holes in it. I am not interested in buying a paddle and 3 sets of scupper plugs if this not my bag of tea. Can I make a scupper plug that will keep me butt and feet DRY in the 50 degree (or colder) water to see if I like this sport? E-,ail me with the info, please.

See my E-mail, butt in a SOT,you
are gonna get wetunless the water is very calm.

Also consider possible
immersion if you are going to paddle any time soon.

Bubbly Corks
Got any left in your New Year’s trash? I’ve used them on Jon Boats before with success.

SYOW and keep your powder dry,


I have seen people use
small sink stoppers as scupper plugs. I have also seen that same SOT pinned on its side against a tree stump in current. Had the plugs been out (or had we known they were there and removed them) it would have been much easier to extract. It just depends on how wet you want to get.

get some yellow foam practice golf balls they make great scuppers…

buy the plugs!!!

You will like the sport, or must likely hobby.