Can a Scion XB tote a canoe/kayak?

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Does anyone own a Scion XB or similar 1.5L engine car (~100hp)? Can it transport a canoe and/or kayak reasonably well?

I'm searching for a new car, and like the new Scion XB's for their gas mileage (30-34mpg) and their super-roomy interior for people ang gear. However, with a 1.5L engine and approx 100hp, I wonder if it would be able to tote a canoe or kayak with reasonable power. Does anyone have any input on this specific question? Thanks for your help! -Matt (

WOW, Thank you everyone so much for your input! Presently, I have a 190hp honda prelude, and I'm probably spoiled because it does extremely well with power... too well actually (sir mr. officer sir, sir), it just sags on the mileage (as low as 12mpg with 3 victory blasts or even a 17 ft ram-x canoe! I know, crazy. but I love it just like you do!) But maybe the ole XB will do me some good in the big picture with less hp, and less of sir, mr. officer sir, sir.... Thank you everyone!!! -Matt

It might
If ya go slow and have an extreme amount of patience. It might work


-That was an idea, not a fact. It might go along smoothly. If what said above.cough**cough

yes eom

Can’t Be Any Worse Than…
my first front wheel drive Subaru wagon with 90 HP. Acceleration and ability to climb steep hills will suffer. Once you get up to speed on the highway, you’re up to speed. :slight_smile:

For the record, I’ve seen kayaks/canoes on top of Scions on the highways.


someone told me that the Scion has the same drive train as the toyota Echo. If that is the case, I have carried a tempest 170 rm, and Outer Island, and a skin on frame on my tempest for quite a long trip with no issues other than an extra tank of gas to get there. (75 mpg avg)


toyota echo???
75 mpg!!!

should work
I think that was supposed to be 35mpg for that Toyo Echo.

There was a long discussion about the suitability of the Scion Xb as a yak carrier on one of the Greenland forums last year. Bottomline: people in other countries seem to be doing just fine with less HP.

Yes it can. I happen to have one and
I routinely carry three kayaks (14.5, 9.5, 9.5) and paddles on it with a Yakima rack and Kayak Stacker. It is very easy to load and unload and I have never experienced any performance issues. I do not even notice the difference. I have carried them for considerable distances on the interstate and all along various backcountry roads - no problem. I have found it to be a great car. Plenty of room inside for gear, as well.

Scion XB
I have had a Scion XB for 2 years now and almost always have at least one boat on it. Mileage drops when loaded, but other than that the vehicle is very sutable for paddlers.


This question probably always surprises
us old farts who carried canoes and flat bottoms on the old rear engine bugs.

Sing: old Subarus
Back in 1980 on the way home from a Quebec trip I stopped at the Mad River factory to pick up a boat for a customer. I was driving my '80 Suby 4WD wagon with my Kevlar Northwoods and the customer’s Kevlar Explorer on top, so some of the interstate hills went by in slow motion. Lots of third gear time!



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Think I've posted these a few times... but I always like chiming in with how much I like my lil' boxcar:

We've had both my QCC (16'10") and the husband's Necky Narpa (16'4") on there - and not just en route to local water. We hauled them up the interstates (I5 to I15)from Southern CA to Vegas to paddle up to the Hoover Dam. "Lil' Put-Put" did just fine. On the big climb, I had my foot on the floor for a while to maintain 72(ish) mph. On non-mountain highways, with both boats (between us and Mission Bay, for instance) we can maintain 70-75 (the slow end of normal traffic here!) without problems. Hit 80 without even realizing. Yep, it eats more gas... but what vehicle doesn't when you increase it's wind resistance?


PS - Matt - just realized your in Northern IL. Don't worry about power - you won't be going up any 2k foot elevation climbs on a regular basis. Regarding published gas mileage - every car that I've seen advertises there optimum mileage. Where I live, with Highways that resemble parking lots more often than not, I typically get 27 to 32 mpg, and have yet to get the advertised 34-35 on the freeway. I have a 2004 automatic. Just an FYI.

eXtream Box (XB)
Looking at one of these cars too. I was drawn to it for it’s mileage and relatively large roof line for boats. I met a guy in Madison WI that had one with a 17 foot boat on top. He said it worked great. He had a bow line securing it from under the sides of the hood instead of the front.

That’s Good In Comparison To
my old Dodge Colt (I think it was really at Mitsu). 80 horsepower compact. Went up the Kangamangus highway in NH (think mountain passes/notches). Anyway, I was tempted to get out and push the car.


I meant 75 mph on the highway and yest it is about 30mpg when fully loaded.

Never had an issue but then again i tie down religiously front and back when on the interstate.

J hook and stacker…works great.


The roof line
is among the best in that size vehicle. The large doors and flat roof mean that you can spread the bars out a lot wider than on most small cars. My daughter gets around 34mpg on her 2005 auto about 28 with boats on the roof. The dealer said that the auto actually gets better mileage than the manual, he seems to be right.