Can animated ads be suppressed?

I don’t mind advertising on sites that I frequent – especially on those like who rely on them for financial support. And I have even clicked through on some that led me to information or products that I needed.

But is it digitally possible to restrict or prohibit animated ads on a site? Lately the continuous loop of frenetic clips from Jackie Chan movies has been so visually distracting that I’ve had to slide the righthand edge over to reduce window and conceal the border with the ads altogether. This has often been the case with the right border ads.

I realize that the promoters of “click-bait” rely on attracting attention with the movement, but I suspect I am not the only target consumer that simply acts to obscure the ads altogether.

I see what you mean

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I get the same annoying video from Jackie Chan when I pause the AdBlocker I use on my computer.Quickly I unpaused it!

It does not block access to products that I might be interested in. There is a line of gear across the bottom from P net.

But no annoying flashing moving things.

I still get the Hot! Guide to Roof Racks.. with Ad Blocker. Seems some posters could use that first..hmmm

I’m with you 1000%

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I wish the admin would draw the line at video ads. The website does not have to look like CNN's or The Daily Mail's.

If your signal isn't strong it can mess with the page loading and reloading.

Adblock worked!
Shows how uninformed I am about on line options. I took your hint and downloaded Adblock (and gladly sent them a voluntary payment.) And it works!! No more Jackie Chan, or any other hyperactive annoyance in my peripheral field of view.

Thanks so much for the tip!

Consider using a product like Ghostery as well. It will disable trackers on websites that among other things target you for ads.

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what can I do about Balmer ?

Ghostery’s really good.
Another one I use faithfully before shutting down my desktops is CCleaner. Sweeps out bloat and the registry cleanup is especially helpful.

ads, what ads?
yup, been using adblock for so long, I take blank space on p-net and other sites for granted. Love when msn and other sites whine about my use of it. Used to use FluffbusterPurity on FB, but adblock covers that as well.

I feel like an oblivious Luddite for not having taken advantage of Adblock til now. It’s been so great to clear all that obnoxious clutter from sites I regularly visit. There were a few I had even avoided because of the visual “noise”. All that blank space in the windows is really refreshing.

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Opera browser has adblocking built in
I’ve been using AdBlockPlus on Firefox for many years. There are various filters available to choose from.

A few years ago I added Ghostery too. That sometimes blocks videos and comments I want to see or read, but it’s easy to pause.

I recently realized that the Opera browser has ad blocking built in. It allows “non-intrusive” ads by default, but you can change that in the settings to block them all. Opera is now my default browser on my smartphone, and I’m beginning to use it more and more on my computer.

Opera has a built in speed test feature, which will tell you how much faster every page loads without ads than with ads. For example the home page of Pnet loads in 3.1 seconds with ads and 1.33 seconds without ads – 57% faster.

I pause my blockers occasionally on sites I like to see what they are advertising, but I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything because of a website push ad.

Opera now owned by Chinese

I dumped it soon after the sale went through.