Can anyone ID this kayak

Hi all,

I’m kayaking for about a year now, renting a recreational kayak at a local lake.

I want to by a kayak. My budget is limited so I’m going for a used one. My preference is a longish (12-14ft) kayak…

I came across an old kayak on Craig’s list. It’s rather distant so I’m trying get info about it and the owner doesn’t know much.

I linked below two images. It’s 13’9" long, 22.5" wide. Fiberglass. What type of kayak is that? Does anyone recognize the model or maker?

Don’t hesitate to tell me it’s a piece of c@#p that should be painted blue and thrown to the ocean.


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Thanks for looking!

kinda cool
It’s a familiar looking boat, but I can’t tell where I might have seen one, or the maker. How much are they asking?

Not much, but…
They’re asking for 165, and I guess I can negotiate.

The price caught my eye, but then the seat is missing and probably the leg braces too. And I’m not sure about the condition of the material.

What do you think is the intended use of this boat?

rec use.
$165 is cheap, but it needs some work. In the long run, you might be better buying a better used boat. It would be kinda cool to have just to set in the garage and restore, but you can probably find lts better used boats out there

check out
classifieds on this site btw

Will check
Thank for the advice. I will look further and decide.

hopefully I’ll have something to share in the future.

It is a old white water boat
a friend of mine has one just like it.



yup. probably from back in the day…
…when paddlers bought the forms and made their own WW boats

So WW was not as white back then?
My thought was this boat was designed for good tracking

old school ww boats…
…were built not for play but for punching through stuff.

Holes were avoided or shot through.