Can anyone ID this older Valley kayak?


Might be an older Pintail…any more pictures? {pictures of the stern} {and the deck line fittings} How long is it?

The seller doesn’t know the length.

I don’t remember a Pintail as ever having a round rear hatch. I had one of the first Pintails to be imported, and it came with a large oval rear hatch. {it is possible that from the angle of the picture, that it’s oval}

The bow however does look like a Pintail. Need a picture of the tail. {Stern} to see the up=sweep The length would be a sure fire way to tell for sure, other than reading a sticker on the kayak. Pintail is 17 foot 2 inches and 21 inches wide.

@Doggy Paddler said:
The seller doesn’t know the length.

Is that an aftermarket cup holder?

C 50 pump. indent in the deck is for the handle that is missing.

Henderson foot pump outlet?

Tape measures are really hard to find.

same outlet is used for all the pumps {chimp, foot, C50}

@string said:
Tape measures are really hard to find.

Apparently hard to use as well

I’m almost certain it’s a Pintail, though I guess it may possibly be a Skerray. I don’t know if they ever made the Skerray in this configuration. Either way, it’s a great boat for the right paddler. However, this one appears to have been rather poorly treated and stored out in the sun. Expect to replace all of the hatch covers, the pump handle (if you can find one) and the deck rigging.

The gelcoat on the deck is badly oxidized and if you want to get the original color back, it will take extensive wet sanding and polishing. I know, as I’ve done this on two Valley boats and you can see the process here:

This boat wasn’t in particularly bad shape. The other one I did was a purple over gray Pintail that was so badly oxidized that the deck looked nearly white, much like the boat in your photos. It came out OK, but not as nicely as the Anas Acuta in my tutorial.

I pic of the stern would go a long way to ID a pintail.
Wonder why people can’t include the whole boat.
Sanding and buffing can give surprising results.

Thanks all. Selling for someone else, apparently and knows nothing about the boat. Not the boat for me but interesting.

Where is it located and how much is he asking? It could be a fun restoration project.

New Haven, CT; $400.

It’s a 1996.

I just responded to the Craigslist ad with some questions.

Good, please let us know what happens. She originally had it listed as an 11-foot kayak but changed it after I asked a few questions. Hope it works out for you!

You can see in the photos that the rear hatch cover is cracked, so definitely factor the cost of new covers in any “deal”. And the small ocean cockpit might limit the interest to seller gets. Hopefully, the dirty streaks in the hull are just dirt and not gouges in the gel coat. My old Necky Looksha IVS (also 1996) had similar severe sun fade on the yellow hull when I bought it. I found that 2-3 hours work with rubbing compound plus car wax gave it a decent semi-gloss finish with a beige color that my wife calls marigold. It looks good but fades quickly so I have to repeat the compound and wax about once per year.