Can anyone identify this Canoe?

Hey all! Just came upon this canoe from an older gentleman. He has had the canoe for quite sometime. He acquired it when it flew out of someone’s truck. He repaired and painted it. He said it had no markings or identifying marks. Can anyone help me identify it. It’s 16’ in length and has a Kevlar body.

I didn’t see a need to make a new thread - I’ve got a “Canoe ID” question as well (maybe it will become a theme)

I think it might be: RIBER 16 FOUR SEAT OPEN CANOE ?

Anyone have experience with this marque?

(Looking at the Riber website, it’s not entirely clear if they manufacture their own products, or just select products from mass producers and whack a logo on it - so it is possible this is the same canoe made for a different company or somesuch)