Can anyone identify this deck fitting?

The broken fitting from an older Pungo 120 I am looking at, thanks. Appears to be original with the facotry bolts.

I dont think that’s a standard fitting. My boats are elsewhere, but here is a picture in the brocure from 2010; the 2012 brocure shows the same. Your deck bungie rigging doesn’t look right, and it appears to be more like solid perimeter deck line.

I believe there was a similar fitting on my 9’ 6" Heritage Fishing kayak that was used in conjunction with an anchor set up.

Odd. There are no holes for the deck rigging as in the photo you show. Would be strange that someone added a fitting there and actually used the correct bolts and well nuts.

Serial number indicates a '03.

Could have been a clam cleat or something for an anchor. Would be strange not to have other mods for fishing then. I can just use the screws to fill the holes- just bothers me not to know.

I will also add a couple more deck fittings to make the rigging useful right now it seems pointless as it is

I’m curious to see more of the front deck, as well as a closer shot of the fitting. I can only think that it had the same purpose as this fitting, but a different base.

In 2003, they we’re set up with fishing rigs. My 140 Pungos Duralites are from around 2006, my niece has a 120 and 140 standard Pungos from the 2015 time frame, and my nephew has a 125 Pungo from 2022. None have that fitting.

Why don’t you just contact Wilderness Systems? :man_facepalming:

I don’t see it on any models from 2003, 2007, 2010.

Oh, no. The Gray thing lives!

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