Can anyone identify this kayak? Please

I got this in a deal and cant figure out a brand or anything the only thing I can find on it is a ERFORD W. BURT sticker w a spot for a hull # and the location. I’ve Googled for hours and still can’t find anything like it it is fiberglass I believe but ya so any help would be great. Thanks :+1:
It will only let me upload one photo.

In the early 70s there were kits sold that look a lot like this boat. Our explorer scout troop made some, if I remember right they were built with fabric on a wood frame and then fiberglassed. I think the kits were advertised in Field and Stream and Outdoor Life, Boy’s Life etc.

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Probably an old kit boat. Just stored inside so it stayed in better shape.

This looks like a kayak that my dad and I made from plans that we got from Popular Mechanics back in the sixties. You could make it a single or double. The skin was called ‘airplane cloth’ which sure looked like fiberglass.