Can anyone identify this kayak?

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Can anyone identify the kayak maufacturer and model in the listing below?
I talked with the seller, who bought it used. He thinks it is Perception since the spray skirt has that printed on it (but who knows).
I am looking for a faster kayak than my Perception Sierra. I only kayak on Lake Lanier. Will keep the Sierra just to play safe but want to test out a 14 footer.

!!! That was the wrong listing !!!

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Sorry the original message had the wrong listing so it was updated with the correct one (also shown below).
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She’s a Beauty!

MI 415
It looks like an MI designs 415 to me.

more info
There is more information and some pics of a 415 at

MI Design
Thanks Kevin

I will do more research in that area. Based on the string you supplied, it may be a yak to avoid. The only photo in the string shows some ridges on the deck (for strength ?) versus what appears to be a total smooth deck on the Craigslist photo. Perhaps the CL is an even earlier design.

I think I am going to take a look out of curiousity. Definitely has a classic look.


deck ridges
If you look very carefully at the craigslist photo you can see deck ridges behind the cockpit and a slight hint of the curved ridge on the front so I think it’s just the lighting in the photo that makes it look smooth.

They are quite old but if the plastic isn’t brittle it should be fine for your purpose. It will be a lot faster and tippier than your current boat but stable enough for an average person to manage. You may also find the small cockpit takes a bit of getting used to. The price may be a bit high, but a lot depends on the value of the paddle that comes with it.

I owned an MI370 back in the 80’s/90’s and it was a basic but sound design. I only paddled a 415 once and I don’t remember there being anything fundamentally wrong with it so for the right price it could be a good buy.

Good Eye
Kevin - You are the man!

I did a little Paint.NET adjustment and I think you are right about the ridges. Good catch.

Well it seems like a visit to Douglas County is in order. I’ve got to find a way to get it in the water for a test paddle before purchase. Let me see if I can find anything else from MI on the internet to help negotitae a price.

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A bit more googling
It looks like they are still making them so it may not be as old as I thought. Here is the US importer and here is one for sale near me in Australia although some people are optimistic with their asking prices.

good stuff
Australia - didn’t even notice the eccent :wink:

Thanks for the follow-up. Found one here in the States too

Still searching for a good review.

I live in SC
i enjoy coastal camping. if you would like to join me on a trip let me know. I have have camped and paddled twice at Cape Romain and once at Capers Island this year here in SC. Also did a trip on the Suwannee River. I am considering a trip to the Everglades this winter. I have a close friend that paddles with me from the upstate, but he doesnt have the same amount of spare time. I will be surfing my kayak at Folly Beach today.

value of MI design 415
Just found a MI 415 touring at a local pawn shop. Has a few scratches but otherwise seems sound.

Anyone have any ideas of value?