Can anyone identify this SOT kayak?

Its the only picture I have of this gem, I’m not quite sure what it is. It looks surf-ski-ish, but its not fiberglass / composite. There are no real markings other than the word Vision on it… hoping someone can shed some light… thx!

Look at HIN number on hull

Perhaps Cobra Re-Vision? Looks similar to two of those seen at local Habitat Re-Store in Bluffton SC a few months back. From my research then, I found this statement from TopKayaker forum "Nu-Kanu is out of business a long time ago. The design(s) were purchased by Competition Kayaks (out of biz too), and again by Malibu Kayaks, but many changes have been made over the years. Cobra now makes the Re-Vision, an almost identical kayak. Little if any help will be found from these companies, due to the frequent re-makes and changes in outfitting+

Ya’ll are awesome.

Its a Nu-Kanu Vision 14" Paddle Ski (14 x 28)! Looks like NuKanu went out of business 12/ 1998 like Andy was stating… There’s some images still floating around, but nothing regarding hard stats like weight or construction material (abs / ldpe / hdpe)… I’ll keep digging though.

Thanks for all of your input.

Here’s a link to what that red rocket “should” look like - unfortunatley,