Can anyone tell me the model of this 17' mad river canoe. Thanks

Are you sure it is 17’ long? It looks like a Royalex boat although it is hard to be sure from the limited photograph. MRC did make a 17’ Royalex Explorer for a while in the early 1990s but it came stock with a thwart between the center yoke and stern seat. Of course, it is possible someone removed the thwart.

But the great majority of canoes 17’ long or longer will have more than just a center yoke, seats, and carry handles. They will have at least one additional thwart. The 16’ Royalex MRC explorer had only a center yoke and no additional thwarts.

Do you have access to a better picture? I tried to read it but it is too blurry. The name may be on the bow next to the Bunny.

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if the name is not on it by the bunny, you can look up the serial number too.

Good luck with that, unless you happen to know the model codes for older MRC boats. My experience with Confluence Outdoors (renamed from Confluence Watersports after that entity was purchased by J.H. Whitney & Co.) is that there customer service is unable to provide any useful information regarding Mad River boats that were made before the original company was sold, and then sold again.

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