can brackish water ruin a ceramic filter

looking to do an ocean trip along a coasline with plenty of fresh water creeks. However, I have a concern that during high tides the creeks can turn brackish. I’m smart enough to know that my ceramic water filter will NOT remove salt…what I’m not smart enough to know is if the brackish water has the potential to permanently ruin the filter element.

thanks in advance for any replies.

Contact the manufacturer
They will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know. However, here’s a thought for you: If the water is brackish and the filter won’t remove salt, you can’t drink the water anyway, so there’s no point in filtering it in the first place.

I don’t see how it could ruin it. NaCL
isn’t going to clog it. But is there a way to be real sure that a creek is discharging fresh water? Any test for saltiness short of tasting it?

You can use a meter like this to measure water salinity.

Looks good, though not cheap.
Cheaper to have a dumb, subservient person on the trip do a taste test.

not sure if it will ruin it
but as the nacl in solution crystalizes between uses, i’m sure it’ll slow down the rate at which you’ll be able to pump water through the filter even though the salt crystals will eventually dissolve back into solution. i’d be sure i was deep into the fresh water before i filtered.

salt water is denser than fresh
dont go deep. You might find the saltwater wedge.

Still I would not risk sickness from ingesting salt water which is hypertonic to your cells saline.

I just got finished with a ten day trip carrying fresh water on the ocean. I left my ceramic filter at home. Carrying fresh water is feasible.