Can high heat distort carbon fiber ...


We will be living in a different place than our regular house for the next couple of months and I am thinking of leaving our paddles, (both canoe and kayak) and our other paddling gear in the car.

Here in central NC I can only guess that on a hot day the temperature will be in excess of 120 degrees on a hot day in the enclosed car when it is parked.

Does anyone know if inder those conditions the carbon fibre paddles will be affected by the heat?

Thanks in advance?


I’d hope not
motorsports racing has been using cf for years around parts that are hundreds of degrees.

I’ve found they get a little malleable…
…at superhuman paddling speeds of above 35 knots, but this is seldom a problem for the “average” paddler.

But seriously, Jack, I’d stow those expensive paddles in the trunk, where they would be out of the sun & out of eyesight.

Fade ?

One of my carbon wings faded while being stored in the car. I now bag it.

Trunk WOULD Probably Be…
…better, but I don’t have a trunk and at least one of our Zaveral’s is always in the back of the Ford Escape. Gets pretty hot in there and havent noted a problem; none except when I paddle >35 knots (LOL)! WW


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The carbon fiber cloth will be fine. The foam cores and the resin are more likely to soften with heat, but 120F seems pretty low. Calling the manufacturer would be the best way to confirm that.

My guess is that if they're out of direct sun and have no load on them, they'll be fine.

Angstrom is exactly right…

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If the blades are black and in the direct sun, magnified by a car window, temps. can easily exceed HDT of foam and or resin..... causing, this is a real word .... creep. Making things worse would be if something heavy were sitting on them while @ that temp..... if HDT is exceeded with a slight load, they might distort and then cycle ( cool) into a new configuration.

Best to keep in whichever is cooler.... behind the back seat out of the sun or in the trunk.

Another thing too if the paddles get hot..... avoid loading them until they have a chance to either sit in the shade or touch down in the water.

epoxy HDT
Not exactly right…

Go to “product information” and “typical physical properties”. Heat deflection temperature is right around 120F – lower than I thought. Your paddles probably use a different epoxy but I’d guess the standard laminating resins would be similar.