Can I lean rowing and kayaking at the same time?

Hi, I want to make the most of the short summer in England, can I take the beginner’s course of race kayaking and rowing at the same time? As I would like to see which one is more interesting for me? But would this two types of techniques distract each other?

Way to different for them to trip each other up.

Totally different except that they are both paddling.

Basic kayaking is easy. Being decent enough at rowing to not have a miserable time is hard. You can’t see where you are going, you have two oars to work, the boats are very, very, very narrow, and there is a lot more going on with your body

Paddling is often called rowing by the uninitiated.

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Do Both. It will certainly complicate things but are you trying to win the Olympics 2024 or have fun / enjoy the locale / meet people / learn something new?

Also do both because each sport attracts a different type. rowers are a type. You’ll jive or not. kayaking has many different disciplines but the fundamental skills transfer well. If you decide you like it you can tailor your kayaking to your area of interest

but my motto in general, when experiencing new places, cultures, and people, is "I’ll sleep when I’m dead. When am I going to be here again?’ So do it all!

You can learn to read water.
You can learn to move boats around with skill.
I still paddle canoes and row drift boats.