Can I rent your kayak?

I am going on a 100 mile paddle next friday and still have not found a kayak. I am a whitewater person so my boats are small. I need between a 13-17 foot kayak for this trip and would like to possibly work something out with someone to rent theirs during this time frame. The trip is from Sept 2 thru Sept 11th.

I am a business professional and passionate about paddling so I am willing to draw up any type of agreement you would like to ensure your boat comes back the way it left.

Thank you for your time and if you have a boat you would like to possibly rent out for the time above, please message me or call me.

I live in Matthews North Carolina and would be willing to drive to pick up.

Thank you,

have you tried dealers?
Have you thought of asking kayak dealers in your area if they have a demo or traded-in used boat they would be willing to rent you for the trip? By dealers, I mean actual kayak specific dealers who sell touring kayaks, not general sporting goods big-box stores.

Not after reading this story…
…about a 100 mile trip…… very good read.

Being a ww paddler means…
You probably have a roll, at least on one side.

What it does not necessarily indicate is that you have a high of comfort being a decent distance from the shore, know how to get back into the boat from the water or have weather and chart sense. These things are crucial aspects of doing an extended trip in a long boat.

Hence people are going to be nervous about this proposition, unless you can offer something that says you can handle this stuff.

Says new to paddling. To me that would be a red flag.

Why not just buy one used?

No rental or transportation costs and you’ll have your own boat for future trips.

My 2 cents worth…

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A business professional who is passionate about paddling should be able to figure out how to get their own boat.

No half assed contract is going to assure that a boat rented or loaned will come back in the condition it was in, prior to being rented, or loaned. How are you going to replace a boat you borrow/rent, and unwittingly total? You seemingly don't have money to purchase any boat?

Renting boats costs money that could be saved, and used to purchase a boat of your own. The cost of the trip (gas, food, equipment, fees, etc) you're contemplating could also be saved, and used at a later date for a used boat. This would of course require usage of patience, denial of fun for the minute & some self control.

The cost of a couple of long trips, and rental fees for a boat will soon equal the cost of a decent used boat. A business professional should be able to figure that out.........


Not necessarily
I’ve seen enough nonrolling WW kayakers to not make that assumption. Many people START paddling in WW without being able to roll, and they later learn (or not).

There have also been self-proclaimed “whitewater boaters” who turn out only to have gone on some raft trips. Possibly as passengers only.

I would let you use mine
but I live on Long Island, NY

My thoughts exactly
Someone who is that passionate about kayaking would have gotten a boat already, to practice in it.

Sounds like yet another adrenaline junkie wanting to brag about "doing the [big rough water venue with name-drop appeal]. Then it’s onto another kind of toy before the truth comes out, namely that he got lucky and beat the odds.

There is no mention made of the actual venue.

Could this also be a ruse to steal a boat?

Two threads
OP posted the same question in the Advice, Questions, etc. and stated the trip is on the Roanoke River.

Still think his best option is to buy a used boat as any rental involving a week-long trip is going to require a hefty security deposit in cash or credit card.

New to
and already see that it’s no different from every other forum with people just waiting to beat others down. Was hoping kayakers would be different!!!

You are not being fair
There are a bunch more issues with this request than have appeared in either of the threads. I have pulled a boat away from being for sale due to less concerning approaches and assumptions than this paddler is showing. It took all of 10 minutes to realize that an acquaintance was unwilling to commit to basic safety practices, like learning how to paddle before taking the boat out into an often choppy river with current at sub-50 degree temperatures.

The boat was instantly no longer for sale. Neither I nor my husband were willing to risk helping this guy turning into a newspaper headline. (A few years later he did - our fears about his sense of self-preservation were correct.)

The person posting this request claims to be a solid business professional with white water background, but has displayed absolutely no good understanding of the kinds of things that seasoned kayakers would want to know. I would agree that some of the responses are a harsh, but the person who posted it has also not addressed a lot of these concerns about their own paddling.

I said that for a reason
Notice that the OPer has made no effort to respond to that. I agree, I bet those skills are not there or we would have heard back.

the hell with the boat
I would be concerned with a lawsuit, Your renting a boat for profit and then you have no insurance. Go to court and see how fast 200 plus a hour adds up for a defense lawyer.

No excuse
for “some” of these replies!!!

You will notice a reoccurring theme