Can I repair this Canoe?!

This Dagger Legend Canoe is being given away for free… I wouldn’t mind having an extra old beat up canoe for when friends visit and would like to try repairing it if its possible and would cost about $50 or less. It looks pretty bad. Any advice? Thanks!

keep lookin

Good boat, for the price
You can’t beat the price. The bright work (wood) is in awful shape, but aside from that, what’s wrong with the boat?

If nothing, go ahead and buy some seats, sand and varnish the wood parts, and you have a solid boat for almost no money. But it will cost more than $50. If you want to recane the seats, you can probably do it for $50, but I don’t like cane seats, so I’d suggest buying replacements with webbing.


look again
Did ya see photo #3? Looks like a shark bit a 2 sq. ft. hole in the side.

I’d pay $50 for it
Anyone coming to Pittsburgh?

You can do anything with duct tape.

If you are as stubborn as stupid as I am. Dynel cloth, resin, and time and it can be done, I’ve come pretty close to doing just that fix! But, I’d offer no more than 25$ cause it would cost more to haul to the junkyard.

How brittle is the rest of the hull? All the brightwork can be sanded down and recoated unless the ends are toast.

Might be a good buy if you have a hankering for a rebuild challenge!


shoot me an email if you are considering.

I see gunnels …

This is a DougD special!
Oopsie… didn’t notice those other pictures. Free is the right price, but I’m not sure it is worth it!


If I had nothing better to do
and wanted a canoe real bad, I would grab it.

I would use several layers of fiberglass and G-flex.

The amount of epoxy that you’ll use plus the cost of the pumps will probably be about $80 or more.

There is no doubt in my mind that it can be saved, but do you want to spend that much time and money???

Jack L

The cost of cloth and epoxy alone
would be at least $100. It would tax my ability to do good repairs to that hole in the chine.

It might make a unique garden planter.

If you have to ask…
For free it’s a learning experience in fiberglass repair.

2 seats $80

Epoxy, misc fiberglass and materials $120

4-6hrs labor

If you want a project it’s not free

But imagine
You’re in a scene of Survivor and you had to fix it!

I would skin a few of the other
survivors and stretch the skins over the hole, on the outside.

Did you notice they are releasing a movie, “Kon Tiki”?


that’s what I was wondering
Some salvagable woodwork there.

Whatever it’s added to would eventually make a great story also. Ok, a good story…

just my guess
…but if you’re learning, I’m thinking a few more hours.

no you can’t get away with bucks …

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..... of $50. in materials ... triple that .

Now if you can get some free materials , then it's an fairly easy fix up . After the fix I'd keep the canoe reserved for mild use only in the future .

Royalex hull?
Would you attempt to repair Royalex with glass fabric and resin?

It looks like a down river hull but I would be concerned that the repair might not stand up to bony rivers and it may not perform that well in flat water.

Royalex repairs

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You can do pretty extensive repairs to Royalex boats with epoxy and cloth. And if you take the time you can fair the repair to quite closely approximate the original contour of the missing hull. A bigger concern would be whether the remainder of the hull is brittle.

Thirty two ounces of G Flex costs about $60. You don't need pumps. But I'm not at all sure that 32 ounces would be enough. Three yards of 6 oz/yd E 'glass cloth is around $15. So you might be looking at $135 there.

A couple of DIY cane seats from Ed's canoe would set one back about $50 (less shipping). Add $10 for a pint of Helmsman Spar Urethane for the wood, another $10 for a couple of cans of spray paint to cover the inside and outside of the repair, and another $20 or so for incidental expenses (sandpaper, masking tape, disposable gloves, foam brushes, etc).

So my estimate would be $150 to $210.