Can I store kayaks on a transport trailer?

I just bought 2 pristine Hobie kayaks…1 is an Outback and the other a Pro Angler, both pedal drive systems. To transport the kayaks, I also bought a 2 wide kayak trailer with pads for the rails to protect the hulls.

My question involves storage: I have an open area on the end of my shed that is covered with a roof to keep sun off the kayaks. I plan to store the boats on the trailer so they will sit atop the pads…not strapped down as in transport, but sitting atop the padded rails. I also plan to pick up a couple of lightweight covers to protect the kayaks from dust and trash that gets blown around like from a lawn mower or windy days in general.

Will this storage plan damage or warp the hulls since the kayak is resting on 2 pressure points? Not being familiar with Hobie’s materials, I have no experience to know if this storage plan will be an issue causing hull warp, or will this be ok?

Thanks for advice!

Maybe. Depends on your pads and their ability to spread out the weight f the kayaks. The larger the pads and the more they spread out the load, the less likely you will have issues.

And depends a bit on how hot it could get where they are at (the hotter, the more issue you could have).

Can you post pictures of your setup?

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They should be okay if they are empty. Strap them down loosely so the wind does not blow them away. I would cover them with a tarp even if they are under a roof.

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Can you store them deck down? That is how I store mine on a 2x4 rack and have never had any deformation.

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Thanks for the replies! Good idea to strap the kayaks very loosely during storage to prevent wind from catching them and flipping off the trailer.

I’ll post some pics of the setup - a picture speaks a thousand words. The rail pads are thick pads designed for transport. I have had a kevlar Wilderness Systems kayak for some years so I never worried about sitting it on a rail. The Hobie is new material to me, so I just wondered how sensitive it is to warping. I haven’t seen many bad reviews on the material, so it must be fairly tough.

For sure @string, I can flip them for storage so the rail sits atop the pads. I would think the rail would be a better (stronger) place for a pressure point than on the bottom directly on the hull.

I agree with storing them upside down. A little deformation,of the deck.if it happened, will not affect the performance of the boats. Many people with plastic boats in hot climates transport them that way as well. Keeps out rain and debris too. Always use cam buckle straps, not ratchet straps to secure them. Do not over tighten. They only need to be snug.

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I have 2 Hobie kayaks, and I store one of them (Revolution 16) hanging upside down from a pair of (wide) straps. The other (Adventure Island) is more sailboat than kayak, and it’s stored on a trailer. The trailer has 2" PVC tubes placed lengthwise that serve as bunks, and those do a great job of spreading the load. I’ve had these kayaks for 5+ years, and never have had any trouble with hull deformation. Here’s some pictures of my trailer setup:

The plastic on Hobie kayaks is extremely thick compared to other kayaks I’ve owned, so they can take a lot of abuse. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to think carefully about storage, especially if you live in a hot climate.