Can I use PVC glue to repair a PVC raft?

Hi all, I have an older Sevylor Inflatable kayak/canoe that has a small split in a seam. I’m pretty sure I’ve used regular PVC plumbing cement on it in the past, but I’m not 100% sure. Is it OK to use PVC adhesive on an inflatable, or is there a better option?

instructions and kits

You can get repair kits with solvent. glue, patch material and applicators at marine supply and sporting goods stores.

You really need a PVC patch,
MEK, respirator, roller rasp, adhesive (Stabond or something similar) and gloves. Since you’re in Texas you’d probably have to order the adhesive. All in you’re looking at over a C note for everything required for a proper repair which is of course well more than the boat’s worth. How big is the boo boo?

Ain’t noby got time for that
I wussed out and ordered some Sevelyor Air Seal and am trying that right now.

I found it interesting that the link in the post above mentioed using PVC clreaner to prepare the area…

I’m trying to repair a seam that has already been repaired and reseal before. I may be fighting a losing battle, but it’s the cheapest route right now, and I’m heading to the coast next week, so it’s really my only option. (although I am planning on renting a SOT kayak when I get don there, I’d really like to try out the inflatable in the surf.

OK, to follow up and answer my own question… Yes, PVC glue does work to seal an inflatable Seveylor raft.

I also tried the TEAR-AID patches. Those worked really well on flt surfaces, but not so well on the trickier surfaces with odd angles or planes. Would be happy to use that product again or carry it as an emergency patch. It’s available through West Marine or Amazon.

I also tried some of the Seveylor brand AIRSEAL liquid patch. It’s a bit spendy for the amount you receive, but it worked very well on small holes and sealed then instantly. I got several uses out of the small bottle, but it gelled up inside the bottle at the very end, so maybe that’s why there’s such a small amount in each bottle. It seemed a bit like superglue…so I may try that too in the future if I need to.

My schedule’s been busy with other projects and events, but I’m hoping to finally get back in the water tomorrow for a test run.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.