Can it be fixed?

I finally bought my first kayak - an Old Town Dirigo and received it last night. I inspected it and it looked fine but when I got it home, there is a substantial crack on the right side. I am sick about it. Obviously, Fed Ex and I didn’t see it. I tied it down good and drove home at 10 miles an hour so as not to damage it. Is there a way to have this repaired or do I need to junk it? If I junk it, where can I send it for recycling? What a miserable first experience! Help!

Who did you but it from?

can it be fixed?
I ordered it form Backcountry

If it was used, you may be stuck with it. If it was new, call the seller, AND BE NICE ABOUT IT. If you go in “ready for battle”, people tend to fight back. At least that’s been my experience. They’ll be more likely to work with you if you make every effort to work with them.

If you are stuck with it, find a plastic welder in your area, and have them look at it (I’m assuming this is a plastic boat). It may be repairable.

Good luck!

good idea
It is a new one. I think they are going to try to help me. Yes, it is plastic and I didn’t know there even were plactic welders! You have been too kind - thank you for the advivce. The only problem is that they are out of the model I wanted - I guess it may be back to the search. Do you have any suggestions for a kayak on a private lake?

Kayak choice
It’s way too personal a decision to give good advice on — You have to love the boat if you’re going to use it a lot. There are plenty of good choices in that class of kayak, so it’s just a matter of finding one that makes you all giddy when you paddle it the first time.

best choice for a private lake…
one without a crack.

you should get a replacement kayak
either from the retailer or the OT factory here in Maine—you might want to call them directly if the retailer won’t help you—forget “fixing” it—they should replace it for you—you purchased it new and recieved it in a defective condition.

No brainer!
Sounds like a forklift or some other traumatic shipping damage. Absolutely they will take care of you. Why do folk post here instead of calling the dealer and / or company?? Just seems bizzare to me. Clearly a crack in a brand new kayak is a no-brainer replacement or refund… Have you talked to Backcountry??

Absolutely agree. Be professional
but NEVER accept a broken ‘new’ anything.

Another Good Reason…
This is another good reason to support your local independent dealer. You may have saved a few bucks buying online, but, is the grief (and possible timely hassle for settlement) worth it?

"I tied it down good"

Just how good did you tie it down, and what did you use?

It is entirely possible that you broke it when you “tied it down good”.

If he did , that poly had a serious
defect in it.

Or maybe he used a 3" ratchet strap suitable for securing a roll of steel to a semi-trailer.

Backcountry has EXCELLENT CS
I bought a Stingray from there last year. No need for details, but they offered an in-store credit, complete refund including shipping, or replacement at no charge. Just call them and give them a chance to step up.


I assume from their website you got a
120? They also have a Cayuga 110, only a foot difference and basically the same price ($1.05 less). Consider that or the Necky Manitou 13 for $30 more.

I don’t know your needs are here at all, of course, just pointing out what else they have in stock comparatively to what you decided in the first place.

Good luck,


dang it Mint
don’t you realize you’re supposed to leave your thought processes behind when logging in here, and simply jump to conclusions, certain in your blinder wearing beliefs.

I’ve never seen a poly boat cracked
by tight strapping. Warped, maybe, but not cracked.