Can JB Weld be used on this damage?

Looking for a simple yet effective fix. After searching kevlar skid plates I have discovered that most feel they are over rated and offer little benefit. My Appalachian that I bought second hand has received its first injury. With my prior canoe being a Discovery and me being new to Royalex Im looking for advice on how to best fix the damage. Keep in mind I plan on running local rivers with plenty of rock gardens and can expect to receive some unintended abuse. Can this (refer to Photobucket link below) new scar be filled in with JB Weld or is it better to take another route such as a kevlar repair kit, or glass skid? Its about a foot long and quarter inch wide. All of my forum research has given me more questions than answers Also wanting to do it right but for as little $$$ as possible. Sorry if this yet another rehash on Royalex repair.

I’d glass over that one. Maybe fill it with epoxy mixed with lightweight thickener first to smooth it out. You’ve breached the outer ABS and a structural repair is needed. Consider using G/flex from West System.

I can’t tell from the photos whether the
ABS layer is cracked, or just exposed. If it is just exposed, I would remove the vinyl from the damaged area and then put on 2 or maybe 3 layers of glass. E-glass is adequate, but S-glass is getting easier to obtain. I get it from .

You can remove most of the vinyl easily with a sharp 3/8" chisel held at a low angle. It will lift the vinyl right off the ABS.

If you get S-glass, you might have trouble getting G-flex to soak in. I would use regular West 105 with 205 hardener. The first patch layer should be the largest, extending at least 3/4" beyond damage. That layer should be bias cut, that is, 45 degrees to the fiber orientation. The next layer can be flat cut because your repair area is only mildly curved, and flat cut over bias cut mixes the fiber orientation better. That second layer should be, perhaps, 3/4" smaller than the first layer. If you do a third layer, it should be concentrically smaller still.

On a good day you might be able to get all three layers down in one pass. After wetting the first, plunk the second on top and it will draw most of the resin it needs from the first layer.

When everything is hardened, you can sand the edges of each patch to taper them if you want. Leave it unpainted at first so you can see into it to look for problems. (Damn, the ABS was cracked!) Later you can paint it to protect the resin from ABS.

I have a 2 layer concentric S-glass patch applied on the outside opposite the pedestal, and it has been standing up very well to being dragged over things and thumped on rocks and ledges.

If your ABS is cracked, let me know and we’ll talk about what to do about it.

Not sounding good
How can I tell if the ABS is cracked. No sign of damage from inside canoe.

The outer ABS layer looks pretty well

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cracked open to me If that's the foam core I'm seeing. g2d is offering good advice. You could do worse than following through with him.

Your second photo tells me the boat has had some previous work done on the area. Did you do that?

Royalex has two ABS structural layers
separated by foam. I can’t tell from the first picture whether I’m seeing the foam layer, or something left from earlier repairs. Off to one side, the ABS is clearly exposed through the vinyl.

You have to assess damage by feel as much as by appearance. Nudging with a screwdriver tip will show whether there are discontinuities such as would occur if the outer ABS layer has cracked.

In the course of your repairs, keep acetone away from that foam core. It will cause it to soften and bubble up. ABS would be softened also. Acetone, and Vynabond, are things that need to stay away from ABS and the foam.

Second hand boat
The original repair was done by the previous owner. TIme for bed now but tomorrow after work I will look into it further to determine the extent of damage. Sounds like the fun has just begun. Thanks all for the input.