Can one of you save this boat?

I’m pretty sure this is an Arctic Hawk, a boat I have wanted since 1999. Seriously. Sadly, Rhode Island is a loooooong way from the southwest. If one of these ever shows up within a reasonable driving range of me it will be mine. Bummer for me, maybe good for one of you.

Looks like a sweet deal if I’m right:

I found one this spring (wanted one forever, just a broke dad with kids when they came out) you buy it I’ll pick it up.
KAS is dropping off a boat to me, bet they would pick yours up at the same time.

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I own a fiberglass Wilderness System Arctic Hawk and once got to paddle an original Mark Rogers built wood Arctic Hawk. It is a cool boat and pretty fast while still being fairly user-friendly.

One of my favorites, I lucked out and found a Kevlar version, being only 40 pounds it’s been my go to for quick local trips.

Since we are talking Arctic Hawk here is a photo of the one I cobbled together. Mark R gave me his blessing on my work and craft handling prowess the day this photo was taken by a fellow symposium attendee in Washburn WI. He had ordered some greeting cards and got something like 500 copies of this, he gave me a box the next year( the last I gathering I believe) Not to totally sabotage, someone should jump on this buy. Peace J

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