Can Royalex be Patched

Local paper’s got a 16’ canoe listed for $200.00. I telephoned and the owner said the canoe’s a former rental. Asked about brand or make, and the owner said, “Royalflex”. Sure. Anyway, the owner further stated that the boat’d been patched in back and in front, I’m guessing bow and stern from what she said, and that the patches’d not been “painted”.

My question, as above, can royalex be adequately patched? Also, does $200.00 sound reasonable for a former rental canoe?



Sounds to me
like it has kevlar skid plates on the bow and stern rather than patches. If she doesn’t know “royalflex” from royalex then she probably does not recognize skid plates. I have skid plates on a royalex canoe and they are just pale yellow kevlar pads on the bow and stern that could look like patches to someone not canoe savvy. you might want to investigate further.

sounds like
somebody selling a canoe who does not know much about canoes. Definitely go take a look or find out more info. This could be a bargain waiting to be had.

Could Be a Bargain
As mentioned, it sounds like skid plates rather than patches. Kevlar skid plates will be kind of a butterscotch yellow color. As for patching, I’ve got fiberglass and kevlar patches and skidplates on my royalite Mohawk Solo 14 and IMHO it is probably stronger than it was the day I bought it. WW

Drove out
and looked at the boat today after lunch. No one was home, so I didn’t take the liberty of doing more than just observing it as it sat inverted beside the family’s motor home and several rec kayaks.

The patches appeared to be fiberglass patches intended to serve as skid plates. The glass patching was rough, whoever applied them obviously was unfamiliar with the finer points of sanding and gelcoat application. The glass appeared flaky, the fiber had not been completely wetted with resin prior to application. The patch in the stern looked as if it were actually intended to repair a hole or crack or something. The bow patch might’ve been added to reinforce.

Something about it just didn’t look right. Even though it’s cheap, I’m hoping to find something suitable for my brother and his school aged kids to monkey around with. I suppose he or I could properly sand and finish the patches to keep the kids from getting scraped up while swimming around the boat. Dunno.

The boat’s manufacturer appears to be Buffalo. Never heard of them.

Your advice and opinions will be much appreciated. Thanks,


Buffalo make some strong ABS boats
that often appear in rental fleets. However, if you have to do much serious glass work on the boat, it could end up costing you another hundred in epoxy and cloth. Maybe you’ll spot an old aluminum boat.

Buffalo Canoes

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Buffalo canoes are built in one of the prettiest settings in the Ozarks; they're made in Jasper, Arkansas near the Buffalo river. The standard, 16' model is supposedly made from the same molds as the old Blue Hole OCA's. A good river canoe and the ones I inspected seemed to be well made. The ones at the canoe liveries arround here seem to hold up well. Like g2d said, 'glass and kevlar repair could run you another $100 or more. BUT, if something didn't FEEL right, going with your "Gut" is always best! WW