can / should I remove rudder?

I like my Riot Evasion a lot, but in two years I’ve only used the rudder once. It tracks so well it normally doesn’t need it. And my storage shed is soooo close on space, the rudder sticking out makes it even tighter. I’d like to remove the rudder but don’t exactly know how… I guess I could figure it out…

Any reason I shouldn’t, aside from resale considerations? I have considered selling it, only because I have my eye on another Riot. How much do you think being rudderless would affect resale? Could the rudder I remove be sold or given to someone else to re-use or is it toast once removed?

Donna, never looked @ your model boat
but I gotta figure the rudder should come right off AND go right back on no problem.

Apologies if I am missing the point : )

Have you taken a look?
At how the rudder is mounted I mean. The usual issue with removing a rudder so that it’s easy to just put back on later is not the rudder itself, but the cables and their attachment to the foot pedals. And hanging onto the screws in a safe place that you’ll remember later.

I suspect that you could handle it, but it’s unclear to me whether you’ve taken a look at how it’s mounted and how the cables are run. It might be easier to get this question answered if you spend some time with a flashlight and your boat, then come back here with any specific questions you have after looking it over.

O.K. Looked … Donna, it’ll come off EZ.
Save for resale with the boat. Not sure of the foot brace system so cannot comment on best cable stowage … If you get a chance, please post what kine footbraces you have.

Taking the rudder
off the back of the boat should be easy enough with a screwdriver I think… looks like it would be easy anyway. I didn’t communicate this well, but what I was concerned about was messing with the cables. I can’t tell exactly how they’re attached but then I’m trying to see in a dark shed. Even with a flashlight, I can’t move around like I need to in order to see well. Need to take it out of the shed tomorrow and take a closer look. Will report back…

rudder removial
Almost all rudders are attached with screws which you can remove or have somebody with the right fitting screw driver do for you because they can be locked in tight. I had a Necky years back that I removed the rudder and It was easy. I resold it 2 years later and just put it back on. The foot pegs will have to be pinned in position. I just put a small screw in the rail in front and behind the peg to lock it in. Not seeing yours - that’s something you’ll have to figure something out but it will be easy. I just coiled up the cables in the cockpit and taped them out of the way. You can’t remove them without cutting because they usually have a factory crimp sleeve on the ends.

Yeah, I de-ruddered my Necky, and
I must have cut the crimps off the cables at the front end. I ended up replacing the foot rails and foot pedals because I didn’t arrive at a way to pin the pedals firmly in place.

My Necky (Looksha Sport) is used mainly to cruise interior reservoirs, and as a whitewater kayaker, I just never felt the need for the rudder. On the ocean, with a longer kayak, I’m sure a rudder would be helpful.

YES! By all means remove it!
Andy S just installed one: The P-Net Rudder/No Rudder equilibrium is now out of whack.

Removing your rudder will bring harmony to the universe again.


Bring it by…

…Ron and I can get it off. I have a saws-all.

Seriously, tomorrow, bring it by.

Donna steps forward, Andy S steps back.

LOL, you guys are funny
But hey, I’m going to put the rudder on my 'cuda soon (if rroberts will help me) so then the universe will be out of alignment again!

Oh, the heavy responsibility on my shoulders, of keeping the paddling universe in harmony! I think the only way to balance things out again is for me to buy another kayak… rudderless of course. Would a skeg throw things out of balance? I’m not clear on this.

Sorry, rroberts
didn’t see your post until now. Busy this weekend anyway. Next weekend could work if you’re free. Let me know.

Also, sometime soon I may hit you up to help me get the rudder on the Barracuda, but that can wait a bit.

Then, my house needs painted, lawn needs mowed, and I’d like to fence my 3/4 acres if it’s not too much trouble. Hehe :slight_smile:

If you cut the cables, how can you then re-attach them later? Won’t that make them too short? Just wondering.

Shouldn’t be too much trouble…

…for you.

The Paint is running next weekend, so I might be

tied up.

Maybe after work one day next week? I want to

put some knee blocks in my Rocket.

After work is tough
since I don’t live so close to you anymore. We’ll figure something out. Will e-mail you.

the rudder cables have swaged loops on the rudder end, you might be able to just attach them together with a quick-link or bolt once the rudder was removed. It’d depend on the geometry of the cable guides.

Wait a minute!

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I installed my rudder for sailing purposes only. The rudder will come off when I have no plans to sail. All it takes is unbolting 3 nuts off the screws, and pulling the cables into the cockpit. The slings that hold the cable to the nuts will be only be visible at the point where the cables go inside the kayak.



I just bought a 2005 evasion, I’m new to paddling but I got such a good deal on it I had to buy it.

Did you ever get used to it being so tippy?

What do you use on it to protect it from the sun?