Can someone help a Nuub out in IDing loder kayak

I’m looking at buying this older “Ocean Kayak” but owner doesn’t know what year it is. I’m trying to ID if hatch covers are still available or if I’ll need to convert them to hard hatch covers…

Any help will be appreciated.

could be an old Scupper Pro. ID# should be on the right side of transom.
If that is a repair around the forward scupper holes I would be very suspect…
If repaired I would pass. See if hull is supple.

I would pass on it. That appears to be a hull repair at the scuppers which means they likely put one of those “Hobie” carts in the scupper tubes and broke the tubes loose. The repair could be good……….or not. The hatches would be more $$ than the boat. The hull design is one that would not turn well or slide when you wanted it too.

Can you demo it to see if it leaks into the hull?