Can someone help me figure out what foam to get for hip and knee braces?

Hello, I am looking to purchase foam for hip and knee braces in my sea kayak, however I am confused as to what I should order. I know I should get closed cell, but there are just so many types.
What I was going to order is this:

However i would prefer to find the stuff in Black so it blends into the seat design I have, would anyone be able to recommend or link the type of foam I should use? Also should I look into a softer more malleable foam for the knee braces?

Here’s an excellent site which has the right stuff. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Their prices are good and they ship quickly.

I have never seen it in true black. Darker grey but not black. I have some thin sheets that are quite dark but also very dense and not useful for my purposes. I have used and still use the standard minicell that you are looking at for knee braces in my boats and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.

If you don’t have a quality kayak shop nearby and you also want to save some serious $$$, go to Harbor Freight/HomeDepot/Lowe’s and find a 5 pack of closed cell foam floor mats. It allows lots of extra material if you screw up a cut or want to experiment with shapes. I’ve cut up a yoga mat also - they are much softer usually for the knee area.

Also since those mats are usually only about 1/2" - 3/4" thick…I have used contact cement to make it as much as 3 - 4" thick, basically a laminate. A seat back bump still works great 6 years later.

Any good kayak shop will have a lot of the right stuff around and a decent ban saw to hack off just what you need… If you’re really lucky they’ll give you some. But it doesn’t hurt to spend a few bucks there on all the other gear you will acquire…

You can coat Minicel foam with Plasti Dip, which is available in a wide range of colors.

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For hip pads I’ve been using the Salamander Pro Hip Snap for a couple of decades. Easy to install in most boats and easy to remove. Comes with a selection of closed cell foam inserts that can be used to match your body shape. The inserts go into a black Velcro pouch that mounts along the sides of the seat. Easy to change out the inserts if needed. Extremely durable.

I had some of those that I used in my Coho. When the Coho was sold I ended up salvaging the foam and repurposing it in other boats. The fabric and straps got away from me.