Can someone help me find this trailer?

A few weeks ago I saw an advertisment on the internet (can’t remember the webpage I was on at the time!) for a small trailer that had a luggage compartment, but also had racks to carry a kayak. It had sort of a Yakima or Thule look to it, in that it was basically a cargo box on wheels. The cargo box reminded me of the same cargo boxes you see from Yakima or Thule that go on the top of vehicles - but it might have been aluminum (not sure). It also had the crossbars (I think as an accessory) that would hold a kayak or two. The trailer was advertised as sort of an outdoor enthusiast’s trailer, where it held camping gear, ski equipment, or just extra “overflow” luggage. But there was also a picture of it with a kayak strapped on. I have searched high and low for this “darn” advertisment and I’ve all but given up. Doesn’t matter what search word I use, I just can’t find it. It seems like the type of trailer that would be advertised to kayakers, campers, mountain climbers, etc. But again, I just can’t find the advertisement. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, I’d appreciate the link.



Sounds like the malone microsport with the optional storage system and kayak carrier package. Can be found at or tons of online sites (amazon, cabela’s and others)

Or maybe Rack and Roll

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Also, here is Pnet's guide to trailers:

Hey, thanks for the respones. Unfortunately, neither link was to the tailer I’m referring to. I have seen those other options though, and they might end up being the direction I go. Wish I could find the trailer that was advertised, but I’ve used every search word I can think of with no results.

old post
there was a post on here this week about trailers and there was links to some that sound like the one you are describing. search the archives or just go down the list.

Ryan L.

Mo trailers, I think it was…

I thought they were pretty neat.

Use your history
You should have the page in the history of your browser…

I tried to look at the history, but it only goes so far.

I want to win!
OK, so strike one on the Yakima. I re-read your post, decided the key words were “sport trailer” searched images on google, and found these entries, so let me know if I can score a run on either of these please!



you should

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Get a GO trailer. I think the company is slyvan sport. It's got a kayak rack, storage and a tent camper all in one.

Ryan L.

Looks like a box(MO)
but the plywood is marine ply and even though mine gets over 200 inches of snow a year dumped in it and rain…after at least 15 years its still unwarped and unrotted.

The biggest downside is on the four boat trailer you have to remove the bottom two boats to get your stuff in the box.

Mr. Canoehead, thanks for those links. That “doit” trailer is very nice. The sportsrig trailer (from another post) also looks to be very functional. Maybe I don’t need to find the original trailer that I was looking for.

But if anyone is interested in the trailer I was trying to find (with no luck), it basically looked like a Yakima or Thule cargo box with wheels. The box might be aluminum however. It had the option of adding crossbars so that a kayak (maybe two) could be loaded above the cargo box. The advertisment was a flash video that kept showing the trailer being used with different configurations for camping, kayaking, skiing, etc. I thought that I had seen the advertisment when I was on the Popup Explorer website, but I’ve gone back several times and haven’t seen it. Anyway, thanks to you all I’ve seen enough alternatives that I don’t need to find this trailer anymore.

I think SlickRyder makes one like that
You can add cargo boxes to other trailers also.

Oak Orchard’s website may contain what you were looking at, too.

Space Trailer
I’ll throw in my guess.

With the extended tongue, a nice little rig.

You found it!!!

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That's it! That's the trailer I've been trying to track down. Thanks, I had given up at this point.

Made in USA
Looks like the Malone, Space trailer, and Sportsrig trailers are made in the USA. What surprised me (given the price) is that the Yakima trailer is made in China?

Lots of U.S.-made trailers
Especially for aluminum trailers. That’s talking about the main structural pieces.

However, certain PARTS are often from China or elsewhere.

I’m gonna be a little harsh.

I bet that trailer costs 2-3 as much as an ordinary enclosed utility trailer. It does look nice, but it also says “STEAL ME WHILE THE OWNERS ARE OUT PADDLING”

Why not stick with your average enclosed utility trailer?

Prices range from $1,400 for the basic trailer to $2,400 for the trailer with the lid and extended tongue. My problem (even with the space trailer) is that I need a trailer that can be placed upright so it can be stowed away.

Maybe you can find something with a removable tongue…or buy a used enclosed trailer and have a shop make a removable tongue.

Honestly…that trailer screams for attention from theives, just like photo gear cases at airports.