Can someone ID this canoe?

I’ve been looking for a canoe and came across this one. Owner knows nothing about it. Can anyone identify it from this single limited photo?

Thank you for reading my post.



Can’ give you the mfr. from this pnoto, but why does that matter? It is a fiberglass hull with small cross-ribs laminated in the bilge. The seats look like generic web replacements and the hull has float tanks in the ends. It is a simple canoe with only a central thwart and the seats as cross members. The gunwales are aluminum and not bent. There are no visible repairs and the hull looks to be in good condition. There were many small company that made hulls similar to this canoe and most are not longer around. It is a canoe that I would pay $150-200 for after closer examination. From the shape it has a shallow arch bottom and plumb stems. Nothing radical or too traditional.