Can someone tell me if these are good?

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I am 6' 2" and 350 lbs. It is hard to find kayaks, but after a long night of searching I have found a few. I want to use a kayak for a small 50-75 ft wide river and a mid-size lake. If you could help in any way please do.

Perception Striker 11.5 (Dick's Sporting Goods)
Perception Sound 12.5 (Can't find dealer)
Future Angler 144 (Dunham's)
Redfish 14 (Can't find dealer)

If you can suggest a kayak under $700 with a 375 lbs or more capacity, please do.

Where do you live? Someone might know of better shops to check.

You generally won’t find the better kayaks at the big box sporting good stores. They might carry a few models that are ok but not many. If you find one there that matches your weight, it will float you on a mellow lake or down an easy river.

REI and EMS have a better range of kayaks usually. After that you need to look for independent paddling stores and you may need to drive.

It is hard to shop for kayaks on price and if you want a deal on a kayak you either have to wait for clearance sales, buy used, buy demos, or buy seconds. Shipping charges on kayaks is high and if you find something local it is rarely worth it to drive many hours to look for a cheaper price.

What are you looking to do? Fish? Mellow floats?

There are a few high weight kayaks – most are sit on tops. Your best bet is find a shop that can you let you demo kayaks in water. Make the long drive and listen to the advice they give you. Expect to spend more like $800 to $1000 for the kayak. Another $100+ for the PFD and maybe $150-$300 for a paddle. Maybe another $100 to pick up dry bags/boxes, bilge pump, and so on. Then you might have to but something to haul the kayak.

It is just not cheap to start.

Other option is to just buy used kayaks and try them out. If you hate them, then relist them for sale.

I live in Northwest Iowa. I really want the Sound 12.5 but can’t find a dealer.

Perception has a dealer locator servece.

I found one about an hour away, thank you