Can this kayak be used tandem? Please help!

I am brand new to kayaking and have rented a few times now. I take my 6 yr old with me so obviously needs to be a tandem boat as shes not ready to be alone. I have access to the one in the picture (i know its dirty and needs a clean up) it is a aquaterra kahuna and I am trying to figure out if this one can be used as tandem or not. Can anyone help me figure this out? I would so greatly appreciate it.

Also any info on the best way to transport your kayaks on a smaller vehicle would be great.

Thank you!

Can’t see the kayak that well in the pictures and I don’t know the model, but it is a solo boat and designed for that.
What’s the kid weigh? Try putting a 60 pound bag of something where the kid would be and paddling it. My guess is it isn’t going to work out well, and the 60 pound bag of whatever isn’t moving at all.

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Thank you!

Here is a link to the 1996 Perception catalog tat shows this kayak:

12’ long, 27.5" wide. Doesn’t list capacity.

Basically, if the child is small enough to sit between your legs and you can still paddle, then should work for calm water. There is a chance that even so the boat will feel rather unstable.

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My wife, an experienced paddler, takes the two dogs, 85# and 55#, in an Old Towne Egret. It is 12.5ft, beam of 24". Smaller generally than the boat you are looking at. The dogs are water dogs with life jackets. Don’t know your skills. That is likely the tipping point. The boat is designed as a solo. It could work, maybe…in calm near shore conditions in warm water.

For a 6 year old, you don’t need a tandem. You need a place for her to sit, stick her hands in the water, maybe “paddle” a little, and relax. I much prefer canoes as the risk of falling in is much less.

Either way, make sure you have a good pfd for her and wear one yourself, if nothing more than to set the right example.

Maybe like this 11’ kayak…