Can two flyfish out of a SOT

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My son and I are looking for a vehicle for us to fish out of in bays, esuarys, marshes and rivers in Virginia. Is a tandem a good idea? or should we get two?
Any suggestions?

it COULD be done
but with all the casting involved, it will be tight.

I’d say better off getting 2 smaller yaks.

Get two
if you can, it will be much easier when you go alone. you can also be close, but not too close. I think fly fishing in a tandem would be a mess.

You could try, but I can only envision two wet fly fishermen who have been tangled, hooked and dumped. It would make great film for America’s Funniest Videos. I agree that two boats would make a better day.


My vote…
Ditto on previous responses. Two boats are better than one.

Tandem = divorce boat… or in the case of father & son = a fight on the bank.

I fish with my wife, a step-son and two nephews. We each have a boat. I LOVE it that way.

Wouldn’t recommend it
- Big D


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my $.01, they're long as you DO go long(17-18'+). True tandems are great...just have to, as always, watch it if you both get into the cast together...usually Plenty of room.
True, there's nothin' like soloing in a canoe when fishing, but I had some fun times with my granddad in a tandem.....