Can you adhere pads on pads?

I’ve got factory thigh pads of closed-cell foam on my composite sea kayak, but it’s a thin layer. I’d like to build it up for a more snug fit. Can I add another thin layer with lexel or a contact adhesive? (NRS sells outfitting kits with pre-cut foam; they look thin enough to be flexible, but I don’t know if I should strip the factory stuff out first… if I don’t have to.)

I’ve done precisely that on my latest boat but right now they’re held in place with a heavy duty double sided tape. Didn’t want to glue them in until I was sure the thickness of the foam was correct. I’m still working on fine tuning the outfitting.

I cut the pads from some neoprene sheets I had around and taped them to the existing (thin) ones.

Yes. I’ve done it before.

Of course you can. Use DAP Weldwood contact cement (flammable variety) in red and black can. It is available at Walmart in quart quantities for a fairly low price.

Even closed cell foam is porous. You need to apply at least two coats to each surface. I usually apply it with small, metal-handled “acid brushes” that are available at nearly any hardware store.

I’ve done it using Barge Rubber Cement. Make sure to follow Barge’s instructions about holding the pieces together during curing, and allow a full cure before using the boat. I let the pieces get only slightly tacky before pressing together, and then I either clamped the new piece on or taped it on and let cure overnight.

With Weldwood you get an immediate tack bond that is plenty strong enough to use immediately so long as the pieces are not subjected to distracting forces. If they are I would wait 24 hrs for a cure.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that you get an immediate tack bond, so you need to be sure you have the pieces properly aligned when they touch.

Thanks for the insight. The outfitting begins!