Can you fish off a 22" beam boat?

Like to fish, but also like to paddle, and am looking to by a narrow beam, 17 foot kayak. Can you fish off that somehow? Any advice would be great. thanks.

With difficulty. It also depends on the
type of water you fish. There’s one guy on that fishes from his handbuilt sea kayaks, probably with a similar beam. He goes by the handle Pogo. Go to the site, register, and pm him. He’s harmless and doesn’t bite, but is one mean paddler.

Yes you can
Use light tackle and tether everything. It is very difficult to break off heavier line if you snag. Use a rod long enough to reach over your bow.

That’s a long rod, mine are mostly 7
footers and will barely touch the tip of my bow.

no problem
Just keep the paddle on the lap when fighting a fish and you can brace with it if you have to. It just takes a little getting used to.

very useful info–hadn’t…
even thought of that long pole issue to get over the bow. thanks.

I would imagine any fish over 10 pounds might cause soem stability issue, especially if the line snaps in the middle of the fight!

paddle brace
That’s where having the paddle on your lap helps, it almost acts like an outrigger in a surprise like line snapping. I have never had problems with fish that size. Was thinking large tarpon would be a problem but 10lb fish…no sweat.