Can you ID this kayak?

I’m looking to get into kayaking, mostly just on smaller lakes and river. I will probably fish as well. Anyways, I found this kayak on craigslist and was wondering if I could get any info on it:

I emailed the lister and he said he just knew it was Dimension and nothing else about it.


I think it’s this one :

Eleven feet long. Just google and see if you come up with some reviews. I think you should consider waiting, though, until you’re more familiar with the market. Consider taking a course somewhere near you. It will give you ideas.

Doesn’t look like his boat at all
No rear hatch or forward day hatch and cockpits are different sizes.

I looked again and I think its a dimension/old town jolt.Has anyone heard anything about them before? I think it must be like 8-10ish years old. Its been hard to find any info on it.

here’s some spec’s on the Jolt
i think you are right on the model. The pic’s at this website sure seem to look like the boat in the craigslist ad.

The last OT catalog I have with a JOLT
listed is 2005. One might check P-net reviews for other years.

For 2005 there were two sizes and neither one had a day hatch. The 101 was 10’1". The 116 was 11’6". Both were Polylink and OT always has the “Old Town” name on their boats.

Dimension was a Canadian brand
made here in Quebec. At some point they were bought by Old Town and marketed in the US under the OTSport label. Around 2005/2006, OT closed the Quebec plant and moved production Stateside.

I can remember (vaguely)that the names of identical Dimension and OTSport models were often different. I guess it’s possible that boat the OP is looking at pre-dates the purchase of Dimension by Old Town. I’m afraid I don’t know when that was exactly, but before 2004 (when I was looking at Dimension models)