Can you ID this SOT?

We are considering this used SOT as a ‘fun’ boat for the cottage. We’re told it is a Pelican Costa Rica, but I can find no info on it anywhere. “few years old, 9’10” long"

Anyone have any info on these? I am curious as to when they were sold.


Get something else, you’ll be happier.
Unless its near free, that is.

Some rationale
to that comment would be helpful.

This is to be an ‘interim’ boat for one of us, to at least allow us to get out on our tiny, private lake together. The other boat will be a Tsunami 140. Finances do not permit us to get two day-touring boats this year. Once we each have our ‘real’ yaks, this boat will be for guests to play around with, and so we can take the great-kiddies out from time to time.

If its cheap, really cheap, it may be
worth it. But, you may want to consider something like the OK Frenzy if you want an inexpensive SOT. Much more fun for both you and guests.


It might be the same company that built this one.


Ah, yes
I see the resemblance lol

We might have a winner!!!

need to know the color to ID

Thanks to all
who responded.

Up here in Ottawa, used boats sell like hotcakes, and the market was pretty dry. Rather than fork out $250 for a boat of unknown age and condition, we ended up spending twice the bucks and bought a new Pelican.

While it’s not even close to my SO’s Tsunami 140, it gets me out on the water of our little lake, and the back deck has room for the great-nephews (with PFD’s, of course).