Can you identify this Old Town canoe?

The seller says it does not have a model number or name on the front. He says it measures 17’6" and thinks it was bought in 2002.

Could his measurement be off and it is a Tripper? Did Tripper’s used to be 17’6" versus 17’2"?

There are only certain models that I am interested in buying so I wouldn’t want to just buy it not knowing what it is.

Any ideas?

looks just like a Tripper to me …

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...... there should be id numbers "embossed" into the hull not far below a gunnel .

Not certain but the Tripper at one time may have been made in 3 layer poly version as well which might have been a bit longer than the 17'-2" Royalex version ... I know they did that with the Penobscott model .

Isn’t it a Discovery?
The Discovery models came with those funny solid seats. Trippers and Penobscots came with cane seats. Of course it’s possible the owner swapped out seats, but I can’t figure out why anyone would do such a crazy thing!


Nope! Trippers came wit dem plastic

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seats as standard. Ah' bought one back in 1978 (still got it) wit de plastics seats an' proomptly ripped dem out an' put in cane seats.


Yeah, I used to own a Tripper made
around 1980. It had the high plastic seats.

old town
looks like a tripper.

If it’s not a Tripper it’s a blem …
Tripper endplates… If it isn’t one it’s some sort of factory blem of high magnitude, although I do remember seeing something with Tripper ends(of some decade;-)) not a part of the Tripper family…

length will tell
The tape measure will tell for sure. From the recurved ends its not a 174 discovery or a 17’Penobscot. If it is 17’2" its a Tripper. If its 16’9" then its a 169 Discovery. Weights will both be over 80#. The inside will also give clues. The vinyl inside a royalex hull is very uniform in color. The inside of the polyethylene Discoveries is sort of speckled. Any should have an HIN molded into the hull on the right side at the stern. There were private label variations of many Old Town models, the hull lengths don’t change, but the trim sure does and sometimes the end caps throw off measurement.