Can you identify this Sawyer for me?


I just bought this Sawyer on Craigslist - can anyone help me to figure out what model I’ve got here?

Thanks in advance,


Looks like a “Classic” to me…

(sorry bad Coke joke…)…

My guess…

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Guessing it is either a Sport 16, or a 190 based on specs you noted.

Sport 16:
Length 16'
Max width 36"
Bow depth 19"
Amidships depth 13"
Weight Goldenglass 70 lb.
Expedition Kevlar 58 lb.
Performance capacity 600 lb.

Sawyer 190:
Length 15'10"
Max width 33"
Bow depth 19"
Amidships depth 12 1/2"
Weight Goldenglass 60 lb.
Expedition Kevlar 54 lb.
Performance capacity 500 lb.


P.S.I'd be inclined to agree with Mike that it is one of the cheaper, Oscoda line. All just a guess, after a quick look at an old Sawyer catalog.

Thanks! Is there any way
to determine once I go back and pick it up (I was on my motorcycle when I looked at it), which model it is exactly? Like a name stamped someplace, etc?


Always hard to tell from pictures

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but it doesnt look at all like my 1989 190.

The 190 has constant flare and no tumblehome at all.

The turn of the bilge is gentle.

But the width should be an easy determinant.

the hull ID might give a clue

My Sawyer was made in Dwight Ontario and the id is on a piece of paper glued to the hull and glassed over.