Can you layer epoxy of different brands?

I have the first coat of epoxy down on the deck interior of a Petrel SG, and want to apply a fill coat inside of 72 hours from initial application.

I’m using CLC-supplied MAS epoxy and am short on hardener – I’m not sure I have enough remaining for a fill coat. I live on the west coast, where MAS is hard to come by. This is the land of System 3, and I cannot get a resupply of MAS inside of 7-10 days.

Question to you is whether I can use System 3 for the fill coat? Both epoxies are 2:1, and know not to mix and match resins and hardeners between them, but is it viable to layer one over the other?

If not, I’ll have to await a resupply and sand between coats.

Thanks in advance…

If it’s interior not going to matter
You can get different coloration as the other brand dries when using different resins on multiple layers. If it’s inside the boat and doesn’t show I don’t think it’s an issue.

Fill coat…
If you already have the fabric coated a fill coat will not add any strength and will only add weight. I never used a fill coat on the interior as it’s only cosmetic.

of course

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taking loose paint of the van's plywood deck roof rack found a delaminated weak spot, went into the garage looking for shelved epoxy coming up with Wal Locktite plastic epoxy. Into the hole.

A trip past West Marine reeled in Gflex and after a long lunch scraped the hole larger, Gflexed n added a nice well laid out 2 layer glass patch.

Are the two epoxies compatible ? ...I dunno duh

In process did I question the mating ? Briefly.

placing them together relies completely on the lack of negative press.

However now that you mention this I look and yes there's an answer from MIT

Agreed on the inside
It does make some sense to fill where your heels will be when paddling though. Other than that it doesn’t make much sense on a closed deck hull. On the other hand, I have switched between System 3 & West with no problems. I don’t have any experience with MAS though.