Can you store a canoe on its side?

Hi all,

I just became a proud father of a 20 year old kevlar MR Explorer. We don’t have a garage so I am exploring rack options. I have a narrow space from my house to fence line where it would work best, but I would need to mount the boat on its side due to space. I plan on building a covered rack, but just looking for advise first.

Is hanging a kevlar canoe on its side even advisable? And if so how would you do it? Would you install hooks to hang the top gunwale from? Support if from the bottom edge? Find a big kayak J style hook to support the bottom of the hull?

I am just worried about long term hanging deformity the hull.

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at options here:

Something like Suspenz. You do want to be sure that you are not getting water (or snow) inside though.

Paddle frequently then. …Or just take it out turn it around and return.

Does your canoe have wood gunwales? I agree with the other guys…your hull isn’t going to deform quickly. It would be better if the weight is on the gunwale instead of straight on the hull. If you support it in two places it would be best to have the weight on the gunwale near a thwart or by the seat…somewhere where it has a crosspiece to help minimize flexing. You could also put a pool noodle on the gunwale to distribute the weight a little. Make sense? If you have room in your yard you could just lay it upside down on a couple of logs or pieces of scrap 4x4.

Its vinyl gunwales. I like the idea if hanging it from hooks on the top edge to do ut between the seat posts. That makes a lot of sense to minimize the flex of the hull by putting hooks by crossmembers.

The problem with living in Montana is it will only see the water for half a year at a time…