Can you tell me what I have here?


I am new to the group and was wondering if anyone can help with identifying this canoe? It seems to be made of fiberglass. It is 14.5ft long and 36"wide. Knowing who it belonged to prior I am assuming it is likely from the 1970’s. I have included some pictures, one is of the side of the bow, there are 5 predrilled holes in a pattern on either side.

There are There are no tags or identifying marks.

You have a short, wide, early fiberglass canoe. It has a flat bottom with a couple of ribs to stiffen it making for poor secondary stability. Unfortunately it does not really matter who made it. Use it if you can and don’t worry about it. Do not trust old fiberglass canoes in rough water or a long way from home.

That is really a flat bottom in that thing. I’d only use it on small flat water bodies of water. You might want to test the flotation to when swamped. In the 70s my uncle bought a fiberglass canoe from a jobs training facility for kids in trouble, they did not put the right flotation in it and it was a bit of a submarine if capsized.

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