Canadian looking for Kayak store in US (Buffalo NY area)

How do you like your Riot? Is it comparably with Stratos or Tsunami because price is very attractive.

Thank you guys, I’ll definitely be checking Canadian shops first. The more I research the more choices are popping up. How’s your Stratos? did you also considered other brands/models in the same price range (2000$). 14’ Delta looks very tempting…

I can’t really compare, the Riot being my first boat. I have the 13 (no rudder).


  • The skeg. I use it most of the time. Keeps me going straight.
  • The seat is good, although some don’t like the bungee that holds the back.
  • Built in paddle holder and and rod holder.
  • Grab handles.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Skeg mechanism a bit flimsy.

When I was looking to upgrade my kayak, this was about to be my 3rd kayak in 3 years. I started with a 10’ Sundolphin, loved kayaking (as it was my first time ever doing it). That winter, got a 12’ Current Designs Kestrel. Great kayak, but another rec kayak that was a little longer/narrower so it was a little faster, but only had one bulkhead, and I pulled the trigger on that purchase without really diving in and doing much research.
The next kayak had to be one I could hold onto for a while. I had considered 4 kayaks at the time: 14’ Perception Carolina, 14’ Jackson Journey, 14.5’ WS Tsunami and the 14.5L Stratos. I was able to sit in both the Journey and Perception at one shop… didn’t like either. Tighter cockpit and uncomfortable back band in the Journey, and the Perception still felt like a longer rec kayak… no thigh braces and a really open cockpit.
At another shop about a month later, I was able to sit in both the Tsunami and Stratos back-to-back (4 months before the covid stuff hit the fan and there was actually an abundance of choice).
Before I sat in them, I was actually leaning towards the Tsunami, as they have a huge following… but I knew as soon as I sat in them (and I went back and forth at least 3-4 times over a 30 minute period), that the Dagger was the clear winner.
Two reasons… the first was comfort. The seat setup and the way the cockpit was laid out was better in the Dagger. The other reason was the reviews on… some people have mentioned “hitting a wall” with the Tsunami rather quickly - that it’s a great kayak, but not one you can grow or enhance your skills with. If you want to do some paddles going straight often, maybe do some camping with, it might be the better boat. The Dagger is a kayak that you can easily keep forever, is more playful and maneuverable, edges better, rolls better etc. More rocker means you can turn on a dime, but the skeg locks it in to track like it’s on rails.

I personally use it for touring to this point… been on long 6-8 hour paddles, 30 km trips in a single afternoon. The videos you see online are mainly of people rock gardening, surfing with it etc… which I hope to one day get to. I took my level 1 in it, and last summer started to learn how to roll (not quite there yet).

She’s a great boat. I’ll easily keep it for life.

Thank you for an excellent review. It seems that we are in the “same boat” on the subject of choosing perfect Kayak. I appreciate all your feedback and recommendations. BTW as you recommended I’ve send an email to Zack from Frontenac Outfitters.

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These 2 Necky Narpas might be worth considering:

mowog, all your link says is to log into facebook…like your settings are not to share public.

Perhaps when this Covid thingy will be over, on my way to MTL I can also visit our capital.

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No idea why it won’t share. “

Good to know but 65lb ouch, afraid it will be too much for my wife.

Yeah, that is the downside of those boats.

My wife used to paddle a Necky Locksha 14, had it for 12 years, but at 60lb it was too heavy for her to carry on her own. Its been replaced wit a kevlar boat.

I was wrong…It did share…just the text was misleading.

I have a Riot Enduro 12 and a Dagger Stratos 14.5L. I have also paddled the Riot Edge 13. The Stratos is a better boat and worth the extra money. You won’t regret it.

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Appreciate your feedback, I’m also looking in to Delta 14. Very good reviews and specs.

I would also recommend checking out Pelee Wings. They are located on the water so easy to try out a specific boat.

I should have also said that the Riot Edge is a good kayak as well.

We seriously considered a 15’ to 17’ Delta kayak for my wife, the weight of the kayak was very attractive and Pelee Wings is about an hour and a half from our house. We ended up not looking at a Delta because I found a used CD Solstice GTS Kevlar for a very good price.

Sweet, Soltice looks like very nice Kayak almost a bulletproof :grinning: Now, I’ll have to find two Dagger Startos and somewhere closer to Hamilton. Paddling and kayaking become a very popular discipline and awesome hobby.

Good luck, I hope you find a couple before paddling season arrives.

Have you made contact with the Hamilton Kayak Club, Hamilton Kayak Club Maybe someone in the group would have a lead on boats.

Not yet, for now I only contacted Peele and frontenacoutfitters. I also tried others in US and all of them replied except frontenac. I rather keep my business in Canada but if I can’t find anything closer I’ll probably try US and have it ship to the border.